5 Strategies to Live With Intention and Focus

Learn how to spiritually embody one’s highest self.

Learn to embrace intention.

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What are your greatest goals, wildest dreams, and deepest desires? What lights you up deep within your heart? When you live with intention, your actions align with those heart dreams deep down inside. You learn to listen to your inner voice and take actions that align with your soul’s purpose. 

When you have clarity on your dreams, you will learn to embrace the power of intention and focus to feel at peace. Start your path to conscious living with these five strategies to live with intention.

Just like anything in life, you can get better at setting intentions with practice. Have patience with yourself, as progress takes time. If you get distracted and lose your way, you can always reset your course. Continue to follow your path to intention and eventually you’ll cultivate a feeling of inner peace.

Intention Setting
Intentions mean different things to each person. Take a moment to reflect on what fills you with passion and purpose. This will help set intentions. Write a list of goals you wish to achieve. Then decide which actions to take each day that takes you one step closer to achieving these. Those are the steps to move intentionally toward your dreams. 

Daily Intentions
In an episode from Heart Wisdom, Jack Kornfield explores how setting intentions from the heart allows you to live in alignment with your highest self. You can set an intention at any time, but Kornfield suggests doing it first thing in the morning. Make it a part of your daily morning ritual before you encounter any distractions from the outside world. 

If you’re seeking to invite more peace into your life, try setting calming intentions into your morning routine to set yourself up for success each day. Setting an intention during this time can create huge shifts in your day.

Not a morning person? Another powerful time for intention setting comes when you arrive on a yoga mat. Start your practice with an intention in mind, like releasing self-doubt or opening the heart. If at any point you feel distracted or lose your flow, simply return to your intention. By doing so, you can harness this energy and carry it with you through your entire day. 

Intentional Thinking
In her blog, Murielle Marie believes that thoughts shape our reality and our life. Thoughts are tiny little seeds that are planted in the mind. Intentions are like watering those seeds to blossom and grow. Your thoughts indeed become your reality so choose wisely when it comes to intention setting. 

What makes you feel most at ease? Fill your mind with loving thoughts to enhance feelings of peacefulness. Take some time to yourself here. This type of mindful practice can do wonders for your productivity, mindset, and general wellbeing. 

Taking Action
Intentions can serve as effective ways to stick to goals, according to Greater Good Magazine. Turning your dreams into reality starts with clearly stating your goal. Only then can you proceed.

Then you can list the actions needed to take you there. For example, if you want to become a more conscious, aware person, commit to your personal growth. Each morning, set the intention to show up and be present in all that you do. 

Intention through Meditation
In a world where we can’t control what goes on outside, venture inwards where true peace resides through meditation. Intention setting and meditation go hand in hand. Meditation helps focus the mind. You can stick to your intentions by training your mind to focus on what you want to achieve. 

Take a moment to yourself. Connect through silence. Listen to your thoughts and allow them to arise and fall. You can explore your inner world and become aware of your thoughts and emotions at this moment. From this place, you can put intentions in place to elevate your mood towards inner peace. 

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