How to Find Your Purpose

Go toward the happy and find your purpose!

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Everyone has a natural need for a sense of purpose — the feeling of knowing who you are and how you fit into the world. According to Yoga Journal, Hindu and yogic traditions call this your dharma, your soul’s purpose. When you live according to your purpose, you feel in the flow. Happiness comes to you effortlessly. But sometimes you can find yourself falling off track. In that case, it is time to go inward, to reconnect with your inner voice to learn how to find your purpose.

Learn from your karma and follow your kriya

You’ve probably heard of karma, something like “what goes around, comes around.” Well, that’s one aspect of it. But karma is far more than just punishment or consequences for actions. In fact, think of karma as a helpful teacher, guiding you to your purpose.

In the Highest Self Podcast, best-selling author Sahara Rose explains: “Karma is basically… the universe, playing back towards you, allowing you to either flow or putting blocks against you if you’re not going on your path of your dharma, your life’s purpose.”

The saying goes, “When one door closes, another opens.” Think of karma as that closing door. When things do not work out the way as planned, that is karma pushing you in a new, better direction. When you listen to your karma, and walk towards that other door, this is when the magic happens. The opportunities come to you. You start living your purpose!

If karma is one door closing, then kriya is that open door waiting for you to walk through. Medium describes kriya as “a state of effortless action. A state of flow.” When you live according to your kriya, you feel full of joy. You live up to your highest self. You tune into your guiding voice. Your daily actions align with your unique purpose.

Sounds great, right? The trouble comes when you no longer take the time to learn from your karma and follow your kriya. Many people get stuck, banging into their karma over and over again, without listening to their guiding kriya. It takes intuition to get back into the flow.

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Listen to your intuition

Society often emphasizes the power of intellect and problem solving when it comes to life. But, if you want to find your purpose, you’ll need to use a different type of intelligence: your intuition.

Yes, it’s a real thing. Science Times even calls your intuition the “highest form of intelligence.” Following your intuition means tuning into the deeper intelligence, often referred to as a gut feeling. It is a hunch or an inner knowing that comes from within.

Intuition will tell you when something feels right, or when something just feels plain off. You know the answer deep down. Move towards the joy, the kriya. Learn to walk away from the closing doors, the karma. That is how you follow your intuition and move towards finding your purpose. 

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Pursue your passions

Your passions hold the key to understanding your purpose. They are the hobbies, activities, and services driven by the soul and expressed into the world.

If you have not discovered your passions yet, you are not alone! Many people have not found that thing that really makes them shine from within. And, your passions may change over time. To discover your unique inspiration, Oprah suggests doing a little research. Ask yourself: What do you like to learn about? Take a look at your books, magazines, podcasts, and movies to find some interests that seem to pop out.

Passions are personal, so you will need to look inward to discover what brings you to life. Do a little experimenting to find something you enjoy. That can mean your calling, like working in the criminal justice system, leading a non-profit, or supporting minorities in business. Your passion does not have to mean what you do to pay the bills. You can find passion outside of your career like raising a family, playing in a band, or volunteering in your community.

Everyone has a place in the world, a purpose that comes from within. When you tune inward, and follow your heart, you will set yourself on the right path, toward creating a life of passion, motivation, and purpose.

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