5 Thanksgiving Decorations to Make at Home

DIY Thanksgiving decor to celebrate the harvest.



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With a refreshing chill in the air and longer nights, it’s time to gather around the table to celebrate fall and the harvest. A great way to get the family into the Thanksgiving mood is by decorating your home. 

Many materials for making your own creative Thanksgiving decorations are inexpensive (or free) and are readily available. Market shelves are laden with colorful gourds, pumpkins, and cobs of corn, while outdoors, leaves, acorns, pinecones, and branches are waiting to be collected.

These DIY Thanksgiving decorations create a natural feel to your home. Here are five ways to bring a rustic coziness into your house in time for the harvest festival.

Pinecone door wreath

Start by setting a harvest scene right at the door. The place friends and neighbors enter, here you can inspire warmth right where you greet them. Try this DIY pinecone wreath from Country Living. You will need a wreath form from a craft store.

Collect pinecones when on a nature walk, or gather them from a nearby park. Brush the tips with autumnal hues such as burnt orange, red, and gold. You can also add glitter to create elegance. Using floral wire, wrap the base of each pinecone and layer them around the wreath form.

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Rustic table centerpiece

Aside from the turkey, the dining room takes the center of attention on Thanksgiving! Pumpkins, acorn squash, and gourds make ideal centerpieces. Scatter different shapes, colors, and sizes along the center of your table. You can add a sprig of juniper or yew and place the berries randomly across the table.

Add some chrysanthemums with stems cut close to the flower. Place them in a wide, low dish, then arrange yellow and orange scented tealights in clear candle holders.  Another way to add rustic ambiance to your table is to add floating candles to mason jars, placing twigs and water inside.

Harvest napkin holder

Keeping to the fall hues, create napkin rings with acorns, as seen in Country Living. You will need brown twine, acorns, and a glue gun. Cut off a piece of twine, then glue an acorn to each end and twist around the napkin.  Another harvest-themed idea is to place two tied cobs of corn atop each napkin.

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Leaf place card holder

Collect an assortment of large fall leaves in different hues. Write out each guest’s name in gold on card stock, then pin the card just above the leaf stem. Country Living suggests painting each leaf in stripes of gold and red, then writing a guest’s name or initials in fancy calligraphy. Place the personalized leaf inside guests’ homemade napkin holder.

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Giving tree

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. Here is a way to start off the evening off in a thankful mindset. Find a tree branch from outside and place it in a large, sturdy vase. Cut out blank leaf shapes from colored construction paper. When your guests and family members gather around the table, ask them to write out what they are most thankful for, then hang the leaves on the tree.

You can also use an umbrella stand or a necklace holder for your giving tree. Another idea is to make a Thankful Turkey as seen in this Instagram post, and place gratitude “feathers” in the turkey’s tail.