5 Ways to Create Kindness Online

You have the power to change the world through social media!


Smiling man on cellphone creates positivity using social media.

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re active on social media. But do you realize how empowered you are to transform the online world for the better? Have you ever thought about who influences the content of social media? You do!

There are now over 3.5 billion people who regularly spend time on social media and these numbers are rising. 

Sadly, there are those who abuse social media by trolling, bullying and creating posts that invoke hatred. Others use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to create jealousy-inducing posts. Even if such posts are not inflammatory, they can trigger depression and jealousy in viewers who often feel as if their own lives do not measure up.

Here’s where you can make a huge change. Be positive online! Just as you aim to be a better person in your daily life, do so on screen. Every posting, like, and share impacts others and you have the power to uplift. Here are five tips to assist you in being positive online. And it’s catchy - when you start, others will follow!

Be kind and connect

Simply promise yourself to be kind. Create your own positive posts and spread them around. When you see something upbeat online, don’t read it and then keep scrolling — share it. And when you come across a website or social media post that moves you, leave a message of appreciation. This will make the author feel good and will also encourage other readers to leave positive comments. 

Use Facebook for connecting and not just for browsing. Look up people you’ve lost contact with and tell them you’re thinking of them.  Spread the kindness word and let others understand that internet marketing is driven by “eyeballs,” the number of people seeing an ad beside an article. If positive articles are favored, more will be generated. 

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Be sensitive to others

Before you post something, imagine how someone else reading it would feel. Everyone has sensitivities and hardships, and we would not want to insult, anger or create envy in others. As Erin Bury cautions, “Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” 

Before you press ‘send,’ think carefully - once it is “flung” into cyberspace, it cannot be taken back. When you write with such awareness, you will uplift others, encouraging them to write with sensitivity.

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Take time out before reacting

If you feel offended by a post, don’t react right away. When we feel ‘attacked’ in our daily lives, we usually take time out to calm down and reflect. Communicating online is no different, so after reading an insulting post, ask yourself if you are feeling negative emotions. Do you want to react in an antagonistic way?

Collect your thoughts and try to feel compassion for the other person. Remember that any negative response you post will be read by others and could spread further negative reactions. 

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Be upbeat

When you surround yourself with inspirational words, you will become uplifted. Add an inspirational quote to your email signature; you’ll make your friends smile and you could even motivate colleagues and friends at the office or at school.  

On Twitter, post something you feel grateful for. Do this for a week. Using inspiring hashtags, tag your ten favorite friends, then watch your positive hashtag catch on! Follow Twitter users who post motivational messages, then retweet your favorite ones. 

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Show your creativity

There are so many ways to spread the positive word. If you are visual, use Pinterest to create your own inspiring board. You can even ask your friends to create a community board filled with motivational messages

Start a Facebook group with a positive theme and have your friends share their favorite blogs, books, meaningful experiences and most uplifting quotes. Consider contributing to RIZZARR,  a refreshing platform designed for millennials who want to create and share positive content.  Meaning ripple in Spanish, the rizzarr vision is to create a ripple effect that transforms others.

Remember that you are powerful and can affect positive change. There are people who criticize the enthusiasm for being positive. They label it “toxic positivity”, claiming it’s unhealthy to dismiss negative emotions. However, being positive online is not a matter of ignoring the negative; it’s more about creating a positive mindset.  

Science has proven that living on the bright side has many benefits including improved wellness, stress relief, increased immunity, longer life span and better resilience. With so much to gain, start posting positively today!

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