5 Ways to Get More Organized

These techniques can transform the way you live.



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Being organized can make a significant difference to your life. Maintaining a sense of order in your physical spaces, such as your home and workplace, can bring a sense of calm, reduce stress and enhance productivity. Organizing your thoughts and being in touch with your feelings is just as important and can also yield some of the same benefits. Below are some great ways and techniques to help you get more organized. Get ready to transform your life.

Create a realistic to-do list
Practical and realistic to-do lists aren't those that are never ending and are impossible to accomplish. According to a Habio blog, a good to-do list sets you up for success, is well planned and can even include when and how to do the task. These lists are meant to increase your productivity and simplify your daily routine. You might find it helpful to put the urgent and most important tasks at the top of the list. And don’t forget to cross off each item as it gets done for guaranteed good-feels and sense of accomplishment.

Make your bed
Did you know that making your bed every morning can make a really big difference to your day? Better Homes and Gardens explains that this short activity can set the tone for the rest of your day by making you feel productive first thing in the morning. There is no need to be fancy about it, all you need to do is get it done. And you’ll thank yourself every time you walk into your bedroom throughout the day and see your clean, well-kept and tidy bed.

Find a home for each item
How annoying is it to not be able to find your keys and sunglasses when rushing out the door in the morning? According to The Spruce, you can avoid this by designating a specific place for each item, especially the essential ones. If the TV remote is always in the same spot on the coffee table, and your phone charger on your bedside table, you don’t have to spend valuable time and energy searching for them. It also gives a sense of certainty and helps when putting things away. Win, win, win!

Declutter your physical, virtual and mental space
Decluttering is a key element to staying organized. Walking into a clean and welcoming home and office feels completely different to walking into a messy and disorganized space. A decluttered and clean space promotes creativity and can make you feel more confident, less distracted and even less anxious, says the popular Asana platform. And the same is true for digital and mental clutter. Hundreds of unread emails and notifications are almost like having a huge pile of paperwork on your desk.Unresolved and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings clutter up your brain too. So instead of letting things pile up, declutter. It’s a process, but it can also be rewarding. And it’s definitely worth it. 

Maintain a calendar
According to verywell mind, keeping a calendar is not only a great way to be productive, organized and help you remember important appointments, meetings, deadlines, social events and birthdays. It can also take away the pressure to remember these important dates and commitments. Writing them down in a calendar can feel like downloading the information from your brain and give you a sense of relief. It also can help you see the dates and important appointments visually so you can plan ahead and remember to buy a birthday present, prepare for a meeting and be prepared in general.

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