5 Ways to Nourish Your Body and Soul

Make the new year a time to connect with your spiritual side.

leave time for self-care in the new year.

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This is the time when many people reflect upon themselves and set their intentions for the new year. Desiring change is not a negative and you do not have to dwell on shortcomings. It’s possible to reflect on the good within yourself when choosing a new path forward.

Establishing the things you want to change should come from a place of self-compassion and self-love, according to a blog on Psychology Today. Before you set your goals, first look at the characteristics or traits that you love about yourself and how that reflects on your values. But make sure that one of your intentions is to take care of your body and your soul.

Only you can decide how to kick off the new year with a self-love reset, according to mindbodygreen. You can choose to make 2024 a year of hope, optimism, and change.

Feel inspired by the new year
Turning the calendar from 2023 to 2024 can be a point of inspiration. The last year was hard for many people but you can look at the new year as a new beginning. Instead of fearing change, you can have a positive outlook and see this as a time to rest, reflect, and to come out a better you.

Do nurturing self-care when you need it
The holiday season can be stressful. You may be feeling sentimental about the past or grieving for a lost loved one. You may even be feeling vulnerable about changes to come. That’s why you need to take some time to nurture yourself. You can pamper yourself with a spa day or take a day to stay home and read a good book. Even just giving yourself time to take a walk in nature can be healing.  

Reawaken your soul
Connect to your spiritual side. Meditation can help you delve deep within yourself and there are many different forms including guided meditation, using a mantra, sound meditation, or coloring mandalas, suggested verywell mind.  

If prayer is important to you and you have let the practice go, pick it up again for the new year.  You may find inspiration in communal prayer or by praying what’s in your heart. If you find connecting to nature spiritual, then take a forest bath. Nourishing your soul is the best form of selfcare.

Practice gratitude
Incorporating gratitude in your life will make you a more positive person. Write down the things you are grateful for and you can go back to them when you need a boost. Counting your blessings is a good path that can help you find your way when times get tough. Being grateful can help you grow into a strong resilient person.

Build strong social connections
Remember you are not starting the new year alone, stressed mindbodygreen. Spend time with your friends and family and build strong connections with the people who are important to you. Send an email or a letter to someone you lost touch with, go to lunch with a colleague, or spend time cuddling your fur baby. Building strong social connections is another way to take care of yourself.

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