5 Winter Recipes From Around the World

Turn up the heat this season with these heart-warming dishes.

Enjoying traditional Indian food this cold weather season.

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Comfort food can be appreciated all year long, but if there's one season when cozy, warm dishes serve their purpose most, it's winter. Many of these recipes actually contain immunity boosting ingredients like mushrooms, lentils, and cruciferous vegetables, reported ABC News, to keep you feeling your best. Check out these five winter recipes from around the world to spice things up during these cooler months.

Portugal - Caldo Verde

Kicking off the top winter recipes from around the world is an all-time favorite heart-warming soup. What better way to warm up during winter than with a hearty bowl of soup? And Caldo Verde gives you that extra goodness with its ripped cabbage base, blended potato, onion, and sliced greens. In fact, the blog Taste of Lisboa shares that it’s the most popular soup across Portugal and has even developed an international reputation during the cooler months.

This hearty green soup will keep you warm.

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Ireland - Irish stew

If you’re familiar with the Greenland of Ireland, you may have heard of this one! As a native Irish dish, this Irish stew is a staple in homes during the winter holidays, according to the blog Dinner at the Zoo

With the purpose of using all leftover foods at home, this recipe from the Good Food Ireland blog suggests trying a combination of beef, kidney, and mushrooms sauteed in Guinness beer. The stew is wholesome, hearty, and Irish! Not only are you cooking up a storm that the entire family can enjoy, but you’re also eliminating waste at home. It’s a win-win!


Nepal: - Thukpa

Nepalese Thukpa is a noodle dish dipped in steaming soup, so it is perfect for cold climates, according to the We All Nepali website. This delicious combination of noodles and vegetables can be heated up with your choice of spices, making it the perfect winter meal. Because it keeps you warm, people in Kathmandu and the mountain regions in Nepal eat it primarily in the winter months however you can enjoy this popular dish all year round.

India - Khichdi

India is renowned for its spicy foods and abundance of flavors which is why Khichdi is a winter must-have!  As a classic Indian dish, Khichdi is an Ayurvedic dish made of plain rice and yellow mung lentils as a base. This recipe from Dassana's Veg Recipes suggests that to heat things up, you can add a mixture of your favorite herbs and spices, such as ginger, black pepper, and asafoetida

Middle East - Malabi

After all the savory goodness from the previous recipes, surely you’re ready for a sweet winter dish to finish? And what better than a delicious malabi or milk pudding

This recipe from Jamie Geller is delicious and nutritious. You've got your tasty base by simply adding milk, agave syrup, cornstarch, and rose water. Cook until the texture is thick and creamy before adding the toppings of your choice. Jamies suggests passion fruit and pistachios for that extra delicious crunch. 

This traditional Middle Eastern desert is a sweet finish.

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