5 Yoga Poses Inspired by Winter

Warm up from within with this winter yoga series.

Getting ready for winter yoga.

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When the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, what better time to go inward with meditative yoga poses? The cold winter months offer the ideal time for inner reflection, a chance to go deep within, rest, and recharge. Allow winter to freeze out unwanted habits and welcome new springtime growth. Support your introspection and soul-seeking this season with these winter-inspired yoga poses. 

Crescent Moon - Urdhva Hastasana

The winter marks the darkest time of the year and a chance to connect with the intuitive energy of the moon. The crescent moon yoga pose helps embody lunar energy. 

According to Yoga Basics guide, this yoga pose deeply stretches the side body while strengthening your core. Start by standing upright in the mountain pose with your body straight and arms by your side. Lift both arms joining them in prayer hands above your head. Tilt the body to the left stretching from the waist to resemble the shape of a crescent moon. Hold as you breathe and then repeat the pose on the opposite side.

Woman in the crescent moon pose.

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Warrior II - Virabhadrasana II

The progression of the cold months coincides with the hibernation of nature and long nights. What better way to warm the body during this time than through this invigorating pose?

The warrior II yoga pose gets your blood pumping and heats up the body, according to Yoga U Online. Start by standing on the back of your mat and step your left foot forward. Turn your back foot to a 90-degree angle. Next, bend your  left knee as you straighten your left arm forward and your right arm backward, palms facing down. Repeat the sequence on the opposite leg to warm up your body even more, igniting heat from within. 

Yoga class in Warrior II pose.

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Half Moon - Ardha Chandrasana

The winter solstice welcomes the return of daylight and promises of hope, light, and a renewal. Celebrate the rebirth of the sun from darkness growing into the light with half moon pose. 

According to Ekhart Yoga, this pose helps strengthen balance as you create the shape of the half-moon reflected by the sun. From a left-sided warrior II position, extend your left arm forward toward the ground as you lift your right leg horizontally. Square your body to the right as you lift your right arm high. Keep the right foot flexed. Repeat on the opposite side. Beginners can use blocks to help support the hand on the floor in this challenging pose. 

Women in the half moon yoga pose.

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Candle - Sarvangasana

Shine light during the darkest time of the year in the candle pose. Also called shoulder stand, this inversion pose helps increase circulation, build flexibility, and energize the body, according to mindbodygreen.

Start by laying on your back. Then raise both legs up to the sky, lifting from the core. Use your hands to support your back. Hold for several breaths before returning to your mat. Feel the heat stirring in your body, like a candle flame.

Shine in the candle pose.

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Wheel - Urdhva Dhanurasana

If you live in the northern hemisphere, the winter marks the closing of the year. The wheel yoga pose invites you to reflect on the cyclical nature of the seasons and of life! What have you accomplished this year? What intentions do you have as the wheel of the seasons continues to turn? Connect to the cycles of the year in the wheel yoga pose

According to verywell fit, this pose requires full-body strength that extends the spine and opens the heart. Begin by laying on your back. Bend elbows and place palms face down beside your head. Bend knees bringing the soles of your feet onto your mat. Extend upwards from the waist and chest as you lift your body into a wheel shape. Try to hold for five breaths and slowly return to your mat.

In the wheel yoga pose.

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