5 Expansive Yoga Poses Inspired by Space

Embrace the universe within you.

Yoga inspired by space.

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Transform your earthly existence into the serene realm of space through yoga. In the same way that the universe expands infinitely, so can your mind and body through these expansive yoga poses inspired by space. So roll out your mat, take some time to yourself, and embrace the cosmos within.

Cosmic Breath Meditation - Pranayama

What better way to begin a space-inspired practice than with the cosmic breath meditation? As a powerful pranayama, this breathwork technique offers unwavering immersion in the present moment, according to the Ohana Yoga website. This practice involves rhythmic shifts between inhaling through your nose and exhaling via the mouth. 

Begin in  a comfortable seated position, whether on a chair with back support or on a mat elevated by a block. Next, completely empty your lungs and embrace the void. Then, draw in a full breath through your nose while allowing your belly to expand. Exhale deeply through your mouth. 

Once again, inhale expansively through your  mouth, only to exhale gently through the nose upon reaching the peak of your breath. Repeat this sequence alternating between mouth and nostril breathing at each summit of your breath. Dedicate at least 5 minutes to this practice, or even extend it to reap its full benefits.

Cosmic Breath creates an exquisite portal into the realm of present awareness. Through this rhythmic dance of inhalation and exhalation, you can propel toward a harmonious existence.

Practicing breath meditation.

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Crescent Moon Pose - Anjaneyasana

The crescent moon yoga pose focuses on strengthening and lengthening, according to Yogapedia. Featuring hip opening benefits and side-body elongation, this pose encourages you to reach for the skies while enhancing your balance.

From Downward Dog, bring your right foot forward and place it between your hands. As you exhale, lower your hips and sink into a lunge. Inhale and lift your arms overhead, creating a crescent moon shape with your body. Reach your fingertips toward the sky, feeling the stretch along your side body. Allow your gaze to follow your fingertips as if tracing the moon's path across the night sky. Switch sides and repeat.

This yoga pose focuses on stretching.

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Shooting Bow Pose - Akarna Dhanurasana

The shooting bow yoga pose can symbolize aiming for the stars. This pose promotes sustainable hamstring and groin stretches and provides a pelvic opening that expands the lower back muscles, according to Tummee.

From a seated position, extend one leg forward and draw the opposite foot to your inner thigh. Reach your extended arm forward as if pulling back a bowstring, and use your other hand to hold your extended foot, mimicking an archer aiming for a cosmic targe

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Star Pose - Utthita Tadasana

The five pointed star yoga pose helps elongate the body, realign the spine, enhance chest openness, and improve circulation, according to the online resource Yoga Basics

Begin by standing tall in the  mountain pose. As you inhale, extend your arms out to the sides, creating a star-like shape with your body. Feel the energy radiating from your fingertips as if you're reaching out to touch the stars. Engage your core and ground through your feet. Breathe deeply, imagining yourself as a radiant star illuminating the universe

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Headstand Pose - Sirsasana

When working with the concept of space and its expansive nature, the crown chakra connects the individual to the greater cosmos and the higher self. You can awaken the crown chakra by practicing the headstand pose, explained Healthline. This will encourage energy flow to the top of your head. Physically, this pose increases awareness of the universe and stimulates the Sahasrara chakra.

To transition into a supported headstand, start from a tabletop position on your hands and knees. Interlace your fingers to create a triangle with your forearms on the mat, ensuring your elbows are shoulder-width apart. Rest the crown of your head between your forearms, cradled by your hands. Lift your hips, tuck your toes, and gradually walk your feet toward your head as your knees hover off the mat. 

With a controlled motion, lift one leg, then the other, until you find yourself balanced in the headstand. Engage your core muscles and press through your forearms. Gently elevate your legs toward the ceiling while maintaining a lengthened neck. Maintain your equilibrium and sustain the pose for several mindful breaths, focusing on the energy flow upwards from the crown of your head.

As you practice Headstand with mindfulness and intention, imagine the energy from the universe pouring into your crown chakra, opening you up to higher states of awareness and consciousness.

Woman in the headstand yoga  pose.

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