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ReAllocate: real pros volunteer their talents

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What’s a sure way to solve a problem? Obviously, enlisting the help of an expert. Taking this industry-standard model to the world of nonprofits, ReAllocate harnesses the experience and intelligence of top notch professionals to confront humanitarian issues.  
Volunteers, better known as ReAllocators, come from varied backgrounds including: education, business, engineering, community organizing and design. ReAllocate runs three programs: Tech-AID provides technical assistance to nonprofits and social enterprises, Education Access mentors local youth through hands-on professional experiences, and StartUp Country is a capacity building initiative that develops burgeoning economic and community development projects with a 10-week-long intensive course.  
The combination of expertise and goodwill at ReAllocate make for innovative and sustainable solutions to real world problems. If you’d like to become a ReAllocator and volunteer your services, go here. [Source: ReAllocate]

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