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Njabini Apparel: handmade goods produced by disadvantaged Kenyan mothers

Knitted bags.

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Create. Inspire. Empower. Living up to their motto, Njabini Apparel is a socially responsible clothing line that employs disadvantaged and disabled Kenyan mothers, providing them with micro-business development programs.
Founded and run exclusively by college students, Njabini Apparel produces beautiful locally sourced handmade products. Their online catalogue features knitted designs from bags and scarves to funky beaded creations including necklaces and sandals.
With an eye towards self-sufficiency and maximizing their social impact, Njabini Apparel gives 50% of profits to their employees, dedicates 30% to reinvesting into the business and donates 20% to Flying Kites Global, a nonprofit focused on care for disadvantaged children in Kenya.
Empowerment is the name of the game at Njabini Apparel and they even offer ways for others to get involved by hosting a party or starting a local branch. [Source: Njabini Apparel]

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