Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Change the World

FeelGood is on a mission of nourishment


(Jessica B. Kirk /

FeelGood is an organization committed to end world hunger. The nonprofit is a national network of good doers with dozens of chapters across the United States. It's promoted with passion and zeal and is responsible for raising funds for a worthy cause. This amazing productivity is even more astonishing considering FeelGood is run by students.  
Universities across the US are home to delis, where grilled cheese sandwiches are sold by FeelGooders; a simple and effective means to generate funds to organizations dedicated to nourishment in challenged regions - currently The Hunger Project and CHOICE Humanitarian.
Founded by Kristin Walters and Talis Apud in 2005, the former University of Texas students are now joined by hundreds students in the US, who together form a national movement of good doers.
Harnessing the good spirits of students (and those of their network of alumni), FeelGood proves that a staple as simple as cheese sandwich can generate real change. [Source: FeelGood]

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