The National Honesty Index Reveals Surprising Facts

Honest Tea’s experiment goes infographic


Screenshot from the National Honesty Index website

How honest are people? The ice tea company Honest Tea set on a mission to find the answer. Covering 30 American cities, Honest Tea set up unmanned pop up shops selling their drinks, asking people to pay $1 per bottle on the honor system. Little did these folks know they were being recorded; the results were compiled, sorted and analyzed, creating the National Honesty Index.
This super cool minisite is an extended infographic, which visually displays stats and facts about honesty in five categories: people, cities, rankings and bottles.
So are brunettes more honest than blondes? Are Hollywood residents more trusty than their Venice Beach counterparts? And how do people clad in sunglasses fare in comparison to hat wearers? Results to these questions and many more are beautifully presented and easily browsable.
Overall, the honesty ranking of passersby is exceptionally high - even when it comes to those who don’t have a dollar to spare: in Chicago a homeless man used one of his last dollars to pay for a tea. [Source: National Honesty Index]

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