Spinning the Wheels of Good

Cycle House trades sweat for meals


Spinning machine.

(Maridav / shutterstock.com)

We know that physical activity is healthy, and we recently learned that working out even makes us smarter. Yet exercise on a regular basis in order to do good for others? Sounds like a stretch. Yet incredibly, Cycle House is just about that. 
A stylish spinning center in West Hollywood, Cycle House has a busy class schedule and a crew of instructors that will make you sweat, no doubt. They also give you the opportunity to donate food for those in need: their Ride 1 / Give 2 program prescribes that for every spinning class you take, two meals will be donated.  
True to their mission to save the world, Cycle House also refrain from printing on paper - paper receipts don't exchange hands here, and class schedules are viewed online. If you're lucky to be living the vicinity, consider hopping on the saddle at Cycle House and sprint for doing good. [Source: Cycle House]

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