6 Carpooling and Car Sharing Drives for Everyone [LIST]

Whether you’re looking to save cash, be kinder to the environment or meet new roadtripping buddies, we’ve got you covered.

Carpooling and car sharing helps the environment and fights traffic

Carpooling and car sharing helps the environment and fights traffic (Pavel Vinnik / Shutterstock.com)

Did you know that by carpooling just twice a week, you can be responsible for keeping 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air each year?
More and more commuters are getting into carpooling and car sharing, and the number of “zero car” families is fast rising - to save cash as well as the environment. To help organize such efforts, creative drives are springing up all over the world, offering apps and sites that connect people and vehicles.
In fact, recent studies have found that were it not for such initiatives, automakers would have sold half a million more new cars over the past decade - that’s a serious impact.
Of course, cycling or walking are still the best options for your health and for the environment, but when a motor vehicle is the only way, these six stellar organizations are at the cutting edge of optimizing car usage. So read on, find a carpool or car share that suits you, then fire up the engine and away you go!


Carma has an admirable mission - to change the world for the better, one empty seat at a time. The easy-to-use smartphone app (for iPhone and Android) enables people to find others nearby who wish to share their commute, making their drives super sustainable as well as sociable. Drivers receive contributions via the app to cover costs, and riders enjoy a comfortable commute alternative that works out cheaper than public transportation in most cases.
GOOD FOR: Commuters who want to set up a regular carpool.


The Starbucks of car sharing, zipcar offers a viable alternative to owning a car in hundreds of locations across the US, as well as select cities in Canada, Austria, France, Spain and the UK. Users simply sign up for a zipcard, reserve vehicles via the app or website, then arrive at the car, swipe it open and drive off into the sunset - all the while saving money and the environment.
GOOD FOR: Anyone, really - as long as there are zipcars nearby.


FlightCar is a car sharing service perfect for travel bugs. The formula is simple: just drive to the airport, catch your flight, and leave your car behind for fellow travelers to rent out. Now active at seven US airports including Boston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, FlightCar provides such services as: car insurance up to one million dollars, full screening of potential renters, a free car wash and curbside pickups and drop offs. If a car is not rented out, FlightCar customers can still park for free.
GOOD FOR: Travelers - with and without their own cars.


City CarShare isn't just another car sharing company - it’s a unique, environmentally-minded nonprofit dedicated to giving back to the community. City CarShare rents out cars by the hour with various flexible plans for individuals and businesses, and a green-as-can-be fleet which includes hybrids, Electric Vehicles (EVs), and Plug in Electric Hybrids (PHEVs) and wheelchair-accessible cars. The unique nonprofit also gives back to the community with its CommunityShare program, a subsidized membership for moderate- to low-income customers.
GOOD FOR: Drivers in the Bay Area.


Ridejoy provides a platform for passengers and drivers to post their destinations and connect with others to ride together. In use across the US, especially during big events like Burning Man, the website helps users save on gas, meet cool new people and reduce carbon footprints. In exchange for the ride, passengers either pay the full price for gas or split costs with the driver.
GOOD FOR: One-off road trips.


RelayRides offers a platform for car owners to rent out their vehicles cross the country to prescreened drivers who are 100% insured. Renters browse available cars and apply for rentals, and owners approve individual trips and applicants on a case-by-case basis . RelayRides is a great way for car owners to make money and help save the planet, all the while knowing that their car is in good hands.
GOOD FOR: Cautious car owners who want to give this peer-to-peer car sharing thing a go.