6 Hobbies That Can Help Calm Your Mind and Soul

Color your way to blissfulness



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Stress is something every single person experiences, and sometimes it’s unavoidable. When those moments set in, there are plenty of ways you can be proactive and rid yourself of some of the tension. For some, simply talking to someone and letting it all out helps. Others may need a little space and a quiet activity to help clear their mind. What's most important is that you find an activity that works for you. If coloring inside the lines just adds stress, turn to another hobby on this list that will become your anxiety reliever.


Those adult coloring books you keep hearing about and never look into? Grab one the next time you’re on Amazon, or wander into a book store. There’s something about coloring that is both satisfying and relaxing so get out those colored pencils and embrace your inner child.

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The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed try this; sit somewhere comfortable, grab a notebook, and just start writing. No rules, no prompts, just jot down whatever comes to mind and don’t judge yourself for whatever comes out. You might just work out a solution and gain some clarity.


Allow yourself to escape to another world for half an hour or an hour and come back refreshed...for free! The University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by two thirds in only six minutes.


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Pick up paintbrush and work your magic on a canvas, or if painting isn’t your thing, try photography, scrapbooking, or drawing. All allow you to divert your attention away from your stress and focus your energy on making something beautiful.


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Give yourself a breather and go outdoors for a workout to alleviate the tension. Try some TRX, take a hike, practice some yoga, or run in the nearest park. The air is refreshing, and of course, there’s a link between working a sweat and happiness.


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Bake something delicious. By the time you take your creation out of the oven, you’ll already start to feel better. Baking requires you to pay close attention to your ingredients and measure the exact amounts, which gives you way to channel your energy into something other than your worries.


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