6 Veggie Videos to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day [LIST]

A mouth-watering selection of clips to get you thinking about the benefits of a vegetarian diet – even once a week.

Oct 1, 2014
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October 1 is World Vegetarian Day, kicking off the annual Vegetarian Awareness Month. Over this month, the North American Vegetarian Society encourages vegetarians and meat-eaters alike to help create a better world with their diet. The campaign's printable pledge cards and other outreach materials elaborate on the numerous benefits of a vegetarian diet – from reducing major health risks and decreasing greenhouse gases to encouraging better treatment of animals and promoting global food solutions.
Whether you're already a staunch veggie, or considering dropping a steak or two this month to pitch in, this selection of videos will get you thinking - and maybe even craving some tofu and greens.


In this short TED talk, Graham Hill tells the story of how he reconciled his taste in food with his values when he went from being a classic carnivore to a "weekday veg." He urges his audience to consider their health, their bank accounts, the environment and the animals when they make their diet choices, reasoning that, "if all of us ate half as much meat, it would be like half of us were vegetarians." Sound logic.   


Coming to us from Brazil, this heart-warming video stars youngster Luiz Antonio, asking his mom a gorgeous series of questions to understand how an octupus made it from the sea to his dinner plate. Remarkable that someone so young can have such a clear, conscious understanding of vegetarianism.


In this short musical clip, former Beatle and long-time vegetarian activist Paul McCartney shares his tune to support the Meatless Monday – and calls for viewers to join the movement by making their own song. As McCartney notes in his song, the weekly event is happening around the world – as Meatless Monday in the US, Meat Free Monday in the UK, Lunes Sin Carne in Peru and Etsiz Pazartesi in Turkey.


According to prolific veggie proponent Michael Pollan, the key to eating healthy is not so much about what you eat, but rather where and how it's prepared. Clue – you don't need to leave the house. Watch and learn.


This tongue-in-cheek video from Buzzfeed relates a list of class questions that every vegetarian is used to hearing – from "Why?!" to "Did you know that Moby is a vegan?" Speaking of whom – don't miss the next clip!


This animated infographic features beats by the musician Moby – himself a vegan – and educates viewers on the true impact of the meat industry. Putting a positive spin on things, "What a difference a day makes" depicts the constructive effect that giving up meat for a day can have on the world. Veggie burger, anyone?    

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