6 Ways to Nurture Hope

Learn how to see the positive.

Hope is the sun coming out from behind the clouds.

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Hope is the ability to see the positivity in life. With hope, life has almost limitless possibilities. When life throws you a curveball, it is hope that keeps you going and makes you stronger.

You might think that hope is the same as optimism, but there are differences according to Life Hack. Optimism is confidence about the future, so you can be optimistic that you will ace your exam or receive a job offer from a company you want to work at.

Hope is much deeper than that. It is what you feel when you believe that life is worth living and that your work has value and is worth doing. Optimism and happiness cannot exist without hope but on the flip side, hope can exist without those emotions.

A study published in Global Epidemiology from Harvard’s Human Flourishing Program found that people who had more hope were in better physical health, had healthier behaviors, and better social support than the participants who lived with less hope. The researchers concluded that hopeful people had fewer chronic health issues, less anxiety, and were less likely to be depressed.

But with the added stress from the coronavirus pandemic, the effects of climate change, and other events that people feel they have no control over, hope can seem pretty elusive. Don’t despair. According to Kids Help Phone, there are ways you can foster hope in your life.

Positive Thinking

Try to stay upbeat and focus on what is positive in your life stresses Kids Help Phone. Stay connected to family and friends. Try not to dwell on negativity And most of all, do things that will spark joy.

Change your mindset and be hopeful.

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Engage in a Religious or Spiritual Community

Engaging in positive uplifting activities like prayer or meditation can bring peace of mind and increase hope, according to The Conversationalist.  After all, spiritual practices have been around since the dawn of mankind.

Yoga practice.

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Practice Forgiveness

Let go of pain by being forgiving. Forgiving someone takes power away from them and puts it in your hands. Forgiveness is so powerful that it may reduce anxiety and depression. Forgiveness allows you to nurture hope.

Set yourself free to hope by forgiving.

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Seek Inspiration

Foster hope by staying inspired. So listen to your favorite music. Paint a picture. Take an awe walk in nature.  Read inspiring quotes or uplifting good news. Deepen hope by keeping yourself motivated to reach greater heights.

Creativity inspires hope.

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Choose a Hope Mentor

Who inspires you? Who makes you dream? The person could be someone you know or a person from history. Martin Luther King, JR, never gave up hope when he aspired for freedom for all. Your hope  mentor can be the Dalai Lama who is a symbol of love and kindness in the world. Maybe Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, or countless other public people can inspire you to have the courage to hope.

The Dalai Lama can be your hope mentor.

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Help Others

You will feel more hopeful if you help others in need according to Kids Help Phone. Volunteer at a food bank, a pet shelter, or teaching literacy. Helping to make the world a better place inspires hope in yourself and others.

Helping others grows hope.

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