What's in the Box? Organic Wine!

Yellow+Blue challenges notions about vino

Party Celebration.

(Gorodenkoff / shutterstock.com)

The oenophiles among planet savers would be happy with Yellow+Blue, a wine brand that strives to be 100% organic.
Armed with extensive experience in the wine business, founder Matt Cain witnessed firsthand the growing prices of imported wines for the local consumer. Cain searched for a way to produce a reasonably priced wine at good quality. The solution turned out to be good for environment: wine that is organic and boxed, rather than bottled.
Yellow+Blue - a combination of colors that yields green - do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in their vineyards. Packaging the wine in Tetra Pak boxes - common practice in Europe, yet less popular in the States - makes shipping way more efficient and is less hazardous to the planet.
This is where green living meets good living. [Source: Yellow+Blue]

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