Crowdfunding Democratizes Property Ownership

Fundrise: new way to show love to your city


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A neighborhood in Virginia.

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Investing in commercial real estate can be a hefty expense, but things are starting to change with the new crowdfunding platform Fundrise. Fundrise allows individuals the chance for investing in property by allowing them to own a piece of the pie - becoming property shareholders.
The up and coming website currently serves residents of Virginia and District of Columbia only. The site is now showcasing Maketto, a fashion and food market in Washington DC that sells equity for the masses - the share price is $100.
Fundrise is an affiliate of Popularise, a crowdsourcing platform focused on local development that connects builders to community members. By cutting out the middleman, Fundrise gives individuals the opportunity to invest in and benefit from the businesses that make up their community stomping grounds.  [Source: Fundrise]

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