The 1 Million Tree Countdown

For only $4, you can help reforest Patagonia


(Joon H. Lee /

The Chilean Patagonia is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Housing immense forests, national parks, pristine glaciers and diverse species of animals and fauna, this natural environment has most recently experienced intense forest fires, the majority caused by humans. With vast acres of forest destroyed, the nonprofit Reforest Patagonia is determined to plant more than one million native trees in effort to return this natural world treasure to its previous state.
To reach their goal, Reforest Patagonia invites people to plant a tree for only $4. A nifty feature on their website allows you to choose the exact location of your tree. If one tree doesn’t suffice, how about creating a forest? Reforest Patagonia encourages schools, groups and businesses to plant their own forests, and as a bonus, a prize will be rewarded to the group that creates the largest forest in their category.  
The tree count now stands at 120, 032. Will the next tree have your name on it?
[Source: Reforest Patagonia]

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