FreshPaper Keeps Your Produce Fresh

A longer shelf life for fruits and veggies


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25% of the world’s food supply is lost to spoilage. FreshPaper, a product of the social enterprise Fenugreen, is the innovative solution.Simple and effective, all it takes is one FreshPaper sheet placed in a bag, fridge drawer or container to double or even quadruple the shelf life of your produce.
The genius product, both biodegradable and recyclable, is sold throughout the East Coast as well as online.
Fenugreen is on a mission to enable better access to fresh, healthy food to the undernourished in the developing world, in addition to providing local food banks and food pantries access to FreshPaper.
Kavita Shukla is the brains behind FreshPaper. While visiting her grandmother in India, she discovered a mixture of edible organic spices that had the power to keep food fresh. The winner of multipleawards and lauded by thepress, Fenugreen’s simple piece of paper will make their motto Fresh for All a reality. [Source: Fenugreen]

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