The 7 Apps All DIYers Need in Their Mobile Toolbox

DIY...with the help of these 8 apps

Mar 12, 2018
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You’ve thought about this project for months, maybe even years. You’ve got the tools, the vision, and the plan. The only thing missing is...your smartphone? For design inspiration, calculators, color matching devices, money saving tips, organizational plans etc, look no further than your smartphone to help you start your dream project. These eight apps are a lifesaver when it comes to channeling your inner do-it-yourself-er.


If you’re in need of inspiration, download Houzz to join the community of more than 40 million homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals. Look through the millions of photos for design inspiration, or connect with homeowners who have already been through the process themselves. Any and all questions are searchable through their index, so if you want to know how blue granite countertops would look against wooden floors, all you need to do is scroll through the examples.


Trying to pick the perfect shade for your bedroom? Behr’s app allows you to search through their options on the go or from your living room couch. Users can upload a photo to color match, share your DIY successes with family members or friends, and preview a color in various rooms. Once you choose your favorite shade, you can order the hue directly through the app and pick it up at your closest retailer.


Think of Pinterest, if the lifestyle platform solely revolved around crafts. That’s Craftgawker. The curated photo gallery offers endless inspiration and how-tos for your next project, all carefully selected by their editors to give users the best experience possible. Through the app, users can create their own page of their favorite ideas, see how many people tried the project, and check out tips for the best results.


From gift cards to product reviews, this app covers all the bases. DIYers will love shopping for appliances, power tools, concrete, furniture, and more through this app with their buy now, pick up in store option. Using the voice recognition feature, DIYers can also tell the app what they need and add it to their shopping list. Alternatively, shoppers can scan the barcode of a product you need to replace and add that to the list as well.


Never wonder what the difference between a Masonry Screw and a Decking Screw is ever again. Or when to use them for that matter. iScrew helps you identify which screws, bolts, or fasteners you need for your projects, so when you want to nail (cheesy pun intended) your next project, you’re only an app away.


If This Old House calls this app, a “must,” it’s worth looking into. Woodshop Widget allows you to compare different woods and decide which one best suits your needs. This app allows users to compare hundreds of species of woods, gain access to the board-foot calculator to price your wood, and test the squareness, so you always achieve the perfect right angle.


Turn your backyard into the garden of your dreams with this app. DIY Garden Ideas provides plenty of inspiration for vegetable gardens, herb gardens, lawn decor, garden storage, and more. The app enables you to save your top project picks for later, and when you’re ready, comes with step by step instructions for a flawless execution.

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