7 Apps for the Healthy Lifestyle You Always Wanted

Resources for food smarts and fitness regimes

Healthy meal.

(Alena Haurylik / shutterstock.com)

Regular physical movement, nutritional diet and quality sleep are the three components of a healthy life. We know that, but we forget, or we’re too lazy or too busy to care for ourselves.
Check out the following apps and service that will help you maintain the healthy lifestyle you’ve been promising yourself since forever.


WHAT A free iPhone app for community-driven improvements of your diet regime. 
HOW Use your smartphone to take snapshots of your meals, share them, rate their healthiness and get feedback from fellow users. Think of it as a visually enhanced eating journal, or a culinary Instagram, if you will.
MASTERMIND Massive Health.
PERFECT FOR Healthy foodies (who love camera apps).


WHAT A Facebook app for sharing health and sports-related goals.
HOW Olympians offer inspiration for achieving goals, with luminaries such as Kevin Durant and Michael Johnson inviting users to take the plunge and go for a swim, do some pull ups or eat more healthfully. Mortals - i.e., Facebook users that don’t have a fan page - share, track and motivate others. 
PERFECT FOR Fitness-oriented individuals (who live in the country of Facebook).


WHAT UP is a system that tracks your physical habits on a daily basis. Monitoring movement, eating and sleeping, UP takes a comprehensive approach to creating a healthy lifestyle. 
HOW The system pairs a pretty cool wristband with an iPhone and iPad app, where your progress is recorded and tracked. 
PERFECT FOR Seekers of a top-to-bottom lifestyle change (with a soft spot for gadgets).


WHAT A fun iPhone and iPad app for planning children’s lunches. 
HOW Kids customize their own lunches by choosing from four different food categories chock full of healthy options, which parents are free to add to or remove from. A bonus for parents: a nifty feature that compiles all ingredients into a handy grocery list.
MASTERMIND Gilian Fein is the founder of La La Lunchbox. 
PERFECT FOR Picky eaters (and their exhausted parents).


WHAT An online coaching service that tailor-makes fitness regimes. 
HOW Customers sign up online, define their goals and receive personalized plans. Continuous contact with human coaches - via emails, texts and motivational messages and tips reinforce the service. 
MASTERMIND Ben Hartney and Nick Crocker created Sessions, which was incubated at Rock Health
PERFECT FOR Goal-achievers (with an aversion to cookie-cutter, made-for-all regimes). 


WHAT A barcode scanner mobile app that tells you everything you want to know about food products and then some. 
HOW Enriching food shopping experience with in-depth information about the ingredients in every product scanned, Fooducate demystifies the complicated lingo of food packaging and grades every product on an A to F scale. Finally, food shopping choices are much more informed. 
MASTERMIND Fooducate was founded by Hemi Weingarten.
PERFECT FOR Healthy food enthusiasts (who are tired of mixed messages).


WHAT Your iPhone turned into a tracking device for running, hiking, skiing and biking activities. 
HOW Using the GPS in your device, Runkeeper is a free app that measures distance, pace, speed, elevation and even works out an estimate of the calories you burned. 
MASTERMIND FitnessKeeper. 
PERFECT FOR Outdoorsy athletes who love to break a sweat (and keep count).