7 Benefits of Orange Essential Oil to Discover

This versatile citrus oil has healing properties.


Orange Essential Oil.

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Essential oils are concentrated oils that are made from plants that are used in aromatherapy and healing. Orange oil is one of the citrus derived essential oils and comes from the rind of sweet oranges that are cold pressed. The essential oil, like the fruit itself, comes with a host of health benefits, according to Healthline.

Besides therapeutic uses, orange essential oil has been used as a flavoring in food, in soaps, body lotions, room fresheners, and household cleaners, according to Health Benefits Times. Discover these seven benefits of orange oil. 

Contains Antimicrobial properties  
Orange essential oil contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Healthline suggests that the oil can be used to stop the growth of some types of bacteria like E.coli and staphylococcus aureus.  A study published in BMC Complement Alternative Medicine, looked at whether orange essential oil can be used on antibiotic resistant staph infections. The study found that the essential oil was able to kill the bacteria without harming cells. 

Helps with pain relief  
Using orange essential oil topically or as aromatherapy could help with short-term pain. In fact, a randomized controlled trial, looked at the effectiveness of using orange oil and ginger `to help relieve severe knee pain in seniors. You can massage painful areas with a mixture of 20 drops of orange oil with a carrier oil, according to Healthline. But check first that you do not have a skin reaction.

Could ease anxiety  
Aromatherapy with diffused orange essential oil has helped to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and mild depression. The scent of orange oil helps to promote calm and relieve stress, according to Health Benefits Times, and could boost your mood.

Contains anti-inflammatory compounds 
Orange essential oil can also help with inflammation because it contains a compound called limonene, according to a blog from bombay & cedar. This makes the oil very helpful to people suffering from arthritis. Gently massage directly on affected joints with the same mixture used for pain relief .

Good for your skin 
This essential oil is frequently used in beauty skincare products because of its healing properties. Orange oil can help heal cracked and dry skin and could also help calm acne. Just gently rub the affected skin twice a day for healthier looking skin.

Promotes healthy hair 
This essential oil could also provide some TLC for your hair.  According to Healthline, orange oil is full of antioxidants that promote the health of your hair. While natural healers say that it can keep lice away and could heal dandruff, there is not enough scientific research to confirm this.

Repels Insects 
Orange essential oil is an effective insect repellent for ants, mosquitos, and bed bugs, according to Greatest. All you need to do is dab some on your body, in your closets, and cabinets.  To keep your patio free of these pesty insects, you can candle diffuse the oil. If you do get bitten by a mosquito, rub some orange essential oil on the bites to help soothe the itch.

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