7 Benefits of Spending Time With Family

The presence of close family is a treasure

Multi-generational family spending time together

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Families provide a source of comfort and safety through love, support, and acceptance. Spending quality time with your loved ones ignites happiness and allows you to make memories that you’ll cherish forever. Explore seven benefits of spending time with your family. 

Expressive freedom

In a world where you may feel like everyone is watching, it can feel overwhelming to show your true colors for fear of being judged. According to Psych Central, sharing your personal opinions with a family member allows you to reconnect with your true self, and your family will benefit from easy and open communication. Spending time with family invites you to express your true self and embrace a sense of freedom. 

Show your family the real you.

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Boosts your mood

Spending time with your family brings positive energy to your home and life. A study published in Innovative Aging shows that the quality of family relationships is enduring and significantly impacts well-being throughout a lifetime. The family's well-being is influenced by all family relationships, whether between siblings, husbands, wives, or generations.

Family time, away from external distractions, can rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. The energy you gain from quality time with your family can empower you to take on the world, it's an effective method of reducing stress and improving mental well-being.

Spending time with your family can make you happy.

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Resolution of conflicts

Have you ever found yourself in a conflict of interest with a family member where you may have said something that cuts deep? Or, you've been in a heated argument with a family member and acted in a way you would never imagine doing with a close friend or colleague? It may be because you know that your family will forgive you while friends may not. Conflicts aren't just going away on their own. Whenever issues arise, you must resolve conflicts together as a team.

According to verywell family, strengthening your family bond will help you face life's challenges more effectively. You feel a sense of belonging and being cared for, and it is needed when you are with family, giving you a sense of meaning and purpose. Spending time with your family teaches interpersonal communication skills, including how to discuss, debate, and solve problems constructively.

Resolve conflicts between family members.

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Emotional support

Have you ever been in a situation where emotions are running high, and you just want the comfort of spending time with your family? Whether it's your parent, significant other, or sibling; your natural instinct may be to turn to your family for emotional support. When you're feeling on edge, these relationships can offer great comfort and ease you through the situation. You can ask your family for advice, support, or a shoulder to cry on when times get tough. 

According to a study published in Genus, people who view their friends and families as supportive report a greater meaning in life and a stronger sense of purpose. You are more likely to feel psychologically well-adjusted when social ties provide emotional support. 

In the midst of daily activities, it is easy to neglect your emotional needs. Spending time with your parents, spouse, or children can help you, and your family members fulfill your emotional needs. As a result, you can put yourself in a positive frame of mind which is priceless. 

Your family will be there for you.
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Develop valuable skills

Spending time with family allows you to develop valuable life skills such as loyalty, communication, and confidence.According to Kids Health, children can build self-esteem by learning problem-solving and communication skills from their parents.  

Observing how parents interact with one another and others teaches children how to act and communicate. Taking time to bond with your family is an example of expected behavior, and spending time together can help you communicate with your children better. Family gatherings or dinnertime interactions can help families learn to listen, and build trust, confidence, understanding, and respect.

Family pizza night can help families bond.

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Helps establish loving relationships

Family time fosters relationships based on love and trust. Spending time together as a family, without distractions, such as work, phones, or chores, creates an atmosphere conducive to open communication and connections. 

In the midst of a hectic schedule, it's easy to forget to check in with family about how their day went. You might be too caught up in other work to hear what your kids wanted to say. According to verywell family,  the solution is to set aside regular time for your family to communicate and bond.

Set a loving example for your family.

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Creating lifelong memories

Last but by no means least, spending time with family invites you to create lifelong memories with the ones you love. Many things can be done with family members to create these  positive memories, including going on family vacations, spending quality time together at home, or discovering a fun hobby you can enjoy. These things can give family members a sense of belonging and help reinforce family values.

Vacations are a great way to create lasting memories

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