7 Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

The best Mother’s Day gifts are made at home with love!

A young girl paints a Mother’s Day card.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with a gift mom will cherish. On May 9, families will be gathering to celebrate that “magical” someone who lovingly holds it all together. And when you show your mom how much you care with a DIY mother's day gift, it means so much more.

Forget those store-bought trinkets and gadgets because mom will always remember a gift kids make on their own. Having kids pour their hearts into their presents shows mothers just how appreciated they are. Here are seven DIY gift ideas that are filled with imagination, kindness, and love.

DIY Bath Bomb

Moms need pampering and they often do not take enough time out for self-care. Here is a way to show mom that she truly deserves her own spa evening. Bath bombs are fun for kids to create and can be made with mom’s favorite colors and scents, then shaped into any mold, as seen in this easy recipe from Better Homes and Gardens. Hearts are a nice idea for Mother’s Day!

A child makes a pink bath bomb in the shape of a heart.

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Gift vouchers

Get out the colored pencils for this one! Have kids think ways they can show their mom appreciation. For example, it could be making her breakfast, walking the dog, or folding the laundry. Older kids can offer to run an errand for her or babysit for younger siblings. Teachers Pay Teachers offers a printable version.

The DIY version is also fun and easy. Simply make a colorful coupon for each item and combine them all into a book. This is also a great way to teach kids how to do acts of kindness.

Personalize an item exclusively for mom

You can combine your love and creativity by printing photos and inspirational words on an item mom often uses. Be it a travel tumbler, a mug, a reusable eco bag for shopping, pot holder, or a fleece quilt, Shutterfly offers many gift ideas. You choose the photos and words of love, design the piece, and order it online. Mom will feel the love every time she uses it!

Pebble rock art

You will need a shadow box frame for this project, strong glue, and card stock. Take a nature walk with the kids. Be on the lookout for flowers, interesting rocks, and twigs, then arrange the items on the backing of the frame. 

A nice craft idea from Hello Wonderful is to represent the whole family (pets, too!) in this rustic nature collage.

Pebble art shows a mother and child holding hands.

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Bookmark just for mom

If mom likes to curl up on the couch and read, give her a personalized bookmark. You can place photos of the family on one side and words of love on the other. Take your bookmark to a photo or stationary store to be laminated or DIY using clear shelf lining.

See Make and Takes for instructions. Artsy Momma’s bookmark uses cutout laminated photos of each child with their hands up as if they are holding onto the tassel. Remember to give mom downtime to read on her special day!

Portable love book

Here is a gift that mom can take with her everywhere she goes! Ask the children to write down all the reasons why they love mom. Then give them craft paper, pens, and paints to illustrate their ideas in this fun art project. Laminate the pages and use a keychain to combine these precious thoughts. Mommy Snippets shows you how.

A young boy happily painting with paint all over his hands and face.

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Wooden photo holder

This is such a beautiful DIY art project, mom will want to hang it up so she can see it year-round! Shanty2Chic has printable messages that you can use plus detailed instructions. Take a piece of pine, have the kids help you stain it, then arrange the printed message with some family photos.