7 Easy Things to Draw for Budding Artists

For kids to adults and everything in-between.

Easy Things to Draw

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Some people think that artists are born talented and can draw from the first time a crayon is put in his or her hand. But drawing is something everyone can learn. You may not end up being a Picasso but if you can hold a pencil, you can draw.

Drawing is much more than just putting a pencil to paper and doodling. Sketching is actually something that is very good for you. When you draw or sketch, you have to coordinate your mind, your eyes and your hands according to Odyssey.

That’s because when you draw, you use both halves of your brain, the right side for creativity and the left for logical thinking. This brain coordination helps you to focus and think strategically. In fact, drawing has other brain benefits and can actually help you learn faster and retain the information.

Drawing can also reduce boredom and improve your mood, so what’s stopping you? Check out these seven easy things to draw and let your inner artist take over.

Fruits and vegetables that are good enough to eat

Sketching food, something you encounter everyday is a fantastic first step for a budding artist. It is a great way to learn how to draw shapes and proportions, and the good thing is that they never move or get tired while posing. Start with something easy like an apple, orange, or pear and before you know it you will be able to draw a still life of a fruit bowl. This YouTube from Air Kids Tv shows you how to draw eight different types of fruits and vegetables.

Bananas are easy things to draw

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A rose by any other name

Besides being the most romantic flower, roses are also the easiest to draw. WikiHow shows you two easy to follow methods. Other flowers that are easy to draw are tulips and sunflowers. Pretty soon you will be able to draw a garden of beautiful flowers.

Roses are easy things to Draw

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A forest of trees

You’ve probably been drawing trees since you were in kindergarten by drawing a trunk and a green circle on top. Now you can learn the techniques on how to draw realistic trees with limbs and leaves. Happy Family Art gives you step by step easy directions on how to draw seven different trees. Once you’ve mastered these can create landscapes for every season of the year.

Trees are easy things to draw

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Draw or sketch people

Drawing a person might seem like a really difficult task. There are so many components: heads, faces, bodies, and hands. But all that is required is learning the proportions and putting it on paper. One method is illustrated in this tutorial video by Paul Priestly. You can learn How to Draw a Face step by step from WikiHow.

Person is an easy things to draw

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Bring a mythical dragon to lif

Kids and adults love mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons. You can learn the basics of drawing dragons with these easy directions from Art Projects for Kids. All you need is the downloadable PDF, drawing paper, a fine tip marker, colored pencils or crayons, and imagination.

Dragons are easy things to draw

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Cartoon characters galore

Do you love comic books? Now you can learn how to draw your own cartoon characters in this YouTube by Christopher Hart. He shows you the technique in how to turn an ordinary squirrel into a cartoon character but his how to draw collection includes: How to Draw Cartoons-for Beginners, Secrets for Drawing a Cartoon Face, and much more. So, let your inner child lose and draw.

Cartoon are easy things to draw

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Color a Mandala

Coloring is not just for kids. And mandalas are not just ordinary designs, they are intricate complex abstracts that are usually circular that are used as a spiritual guidance tool to keep you focused during meditation. That’s because they are very calming in nature. You can color these downloadable mandala designs from Goodnet or create your own.

Mandalas are easy things to draw