7 Food Trends to Explore for 2023

These delicious culinary trends will inspire foodies.

An enthusiastic chef cooks in the kitchen.

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Now that 2023 is here, it feels like a time of renewal. Take this spirit to the table and try out some new trending foods. From healthy options to savory, spicy, and sweet, these appetizers, entrees, and beverages may inspire your inner connoisseur to try something new. Here are seven trending foods to taste for 2023.

Charcuterie Boards

Yes, charcuterie boards are back and trending, according to Exploding Topics. This artsy appetizer gained popularity during the pandemic when foodies wanted to recreate an upscale restaurant experience at home.

Be it meats, a selection of cheeses, or any other combination of finger foods, these wooden platters are popular and make for a quick and easy dinner idea. They are so popular, there is a new term called “charcuterie influencer.”

The latest trend on wooden platters is a selection of softened butter topped with herbs, spices, and garlic. Serve this with a fresh, crusty baguette and you will feel very satisfied!

Specialty Salts

While people longer say, “pass the salt shaker.” Salt is now in a category of its own with many specialized versions including black truffle salt, Celtic salt, smoked salt.

Consumers are health conscious when it comes to their salt, preferring mineral-packed unrefined salt like Himalayan salt and sea salt, according to Exploding Topics. If you want to explore salt, try traditional black lava salt made in Hawaii and Cyrus, matcha salt, or pink peppercorn salt. Choose a salt and rub it in!

A selection of natural culinary salts.

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Gluten-free Pasta

Move over durum wheat macaroni. There is a new and healthy food trend in the pasta market. Pasta made from rice, lentils, and chickpeas are becoming popular, according to Better Homes & Gardens.

Fresh noodles made from squash and zucchini are also trending. You may even see pasta made from hearts of palm, spaghetti squash, and green bananas. These choices are gluten free and ensure you eat more veggies.

A selection of gluten-free pastas.

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Hojicha Tea

Here is another healthy trend for 2023. This popular Japanese green tea is herbal and caffeinated, according to Yelp. It is lightly roasted, sweet, and often enjoyed as an iced latte.

A glass of iced hojicha latte.

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This ancient fruit from the Middle East is back in style for 2023, especially as a staple ingredient in products, according to Better Homes & Gardens.  You will find healthy dates in syrups and sauces, or can snack on them fresh or dried.

Fresh and dried dates in the market.

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Plant-based Seafoods

People with an environmental consciousness are looking for seafood that tastes like fish but does not contribute to fish scarcity, according to Exploding Topics. It is all about faux fish for 2023 and this is being driven by demand, with 70 to 90 percent of the world’s fish stocks now depleted.

Consumers also want to enjoy a vegan food that helps sustainability yet has the texture and taste of the fish they love. Some faux fish are made from peas, beans, or lentils, while startups are now using bamboo, potatoes, algae, and tomatoes and are getting great results.

Plant-based seafood in a plate of vegan sushi rolls.

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Pairing Sweet and Savory

Chefs are taking savory salty flavors and mixing them with sweet, according to Better Homes & Gardens. You too can blend these flavors at home. Some ideas are fish sauce glazed onto ribs, and savory miso mixed with buttercream to top cookies.

For main courses, Northern India’s chaat masala is gaining popularity. It has sweet dried mango powder and dried ginger, combined with salt, black pepper, chili powder and more. The result is a depth of flavor that is seriously hot this year!

These sweet and savory spices are used to make chaat masala.

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