7 Low Maintenance Houseplants That Anyone Can Grow

These hardy plants thrive on neglect.


Mother and daughter taking care of houseplants.

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 If you are a plant novice or you have had negative experiences with houseplants, don’t despair. There are hardy low maintenance plants that actually thrive on neglect.

These resilient plants can survive without water for long periods of time and do not need to be coddled with fertilizer or repotting, according to House Beautiful. For most houseplants, light is the most important thing to take into account, but many plants can handle low light environments like shady window sills.

Filling your home, even a small apartment, with greenery is something that can improve the quality of your indoor air, and help you to destress after a long day, reported NBC News. So turn your brown thumb green by picking some of these seven houseplants that anyone can keep alive.

Snake Plant

Snake plants – otherwise known as mother-in-law’s tongue – are succulents, a type of plant that have thicker leaves for retaining water even in drought conditions, according to Healthline. This makes it very difficult to under water. The plant can tolerate medium to bright light so you should keep them near a window. But one of the best things about snake plants is that they are great for cleaning indoor air by filtering out toxins.

Snake plants survive on minimal care.

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Chinese Money Plant

This hearty plant has coin-shaped leaves that will begin to droop when it needs to be watered, according to NBC, making it a great plant for beginners. Keep the plant in bright indirect sunlight and it will thrive. It is also easy to propagate a Chinese money plant because it keeps producing offsets that you can share with others.

Chinese money plants are easy to care for.

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This adaptable and very low maintenance plant comes in several beautiful varieties including leaves that are green, variegated, and pink. The plant's quick growing vines can be pruned anytime it gets too long. Philodendrons only have to be watered every one to two weeks and thrive in indirect lighting.

Philodendron houseplants can have pink leaves.

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Jade Plant

Jade plants are very easy to take care of and it adds to your home décor with its bright egg-shaped leaves. The plant does well in any lighting and only has to be watered infrequently because it stores water in its leaves. This plant is also simple to propagate so you can have one in every room of your home.

Jade plants need infrequent care.

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Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is one of the most beautiful plants of the holiday season and it seems to do best if you ignore it, according to The Spruce. The cactus can handle low light but will produce more pink or red flowers in bright light. Getting the plant to bloom for the season is a bit harder because it will have to be forced by keeping it cool beginning in November. Just leave the cactus on a windowsill at home with the heat off when you are at work.

This blooming cactus is easy to care for.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera barbadensis is a succulent so it is a very hardy and easy to grow plant. It needs very little water, indirect sunlight, and can live in the same pot for years. But you may not know that aloe vera is a medicinal plant that can help heal minor cuts and burns like sunburns so it is a great addition for your home. When you are cutting leaves to use, do not cut off more than a third of the plant at one time

Aloe vera is a houseplant you have in your home.

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ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is a drought-tolerant succulent, according to NBC, with oval-shaped leaves that grow upwards straight from the roots. This resilient plant is perfect for busy people because it only needs watering every two to three weeks when the soil is totally dry. ZZ plants thrive on direct light and neglect. It is a perfect starter plant.

The ZZ houseplant is great for busy people.

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