Edible Houseplants That Can Grow all Year Long

Grow your own food indoors.


Woman watering houseplants .

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Houseplants beautify your living space, help clean the air, and some are actually edible. While most people do not have room for a solarium, all you need is a sunny spot, soil, water, and nutrients to grow plants in your home.

 Whether you choose to grow houseplants that just happen to be edible or you want to grow microgreens specifically for food, there is a large selection to choose from, according to the blog Lovely Greens. Here are just a few of the plants that can go from pot to table.

Flowering Plants

Scented geraniums are usually grown in window boxes but they do well indoors too. The flowers and leaves can be used as decorations, as a tasty herb, as well as infused into baked goods.

Nasturtiums are a bright colored flower that can grow indoors and out and not only look beautiful but can be eaten too, according to Treehugger. You can eat any part of this peppery tasting plant except the roots. Nasturtium flowers and leaves are great as salad toppers.

Inside potted geraniums.

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Aloe Vera

This common houseplant comes with a host of health benefits like soothing a sunburn and the gel is edible too. In fact, according to Lovely Greens, to the leaf can be eaten too if the skin and the layer between the skin and inner gel is removed. You can use aloe in smoothies and even use it in salsa.

Making aloe vera gel into a healthy drink.

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Dwarf Citrus Trees

Dwarf citrus trees are easy to care for and grow indoors. These include lemon, lime, mandarin oranges, calamondin, and even regular oranges. Citrus trees live a long time and can provide years of fruit. Some people take their citrus trees outside for the summer but the plants must be moved indoors before it gets cold.

Indoor orange tree.

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Pineapple Plants

While most pineapples are grown in tropical places, this delicious and healthy fruit can be grown almost anywhere as long as the temperature remains above 65-degree Fahrenheit (18.3 Celsius). Pineapple plants also need direct sunlight to reach their best potential. Please note that it will take years before the plants bear fruit.

Pineapple plants can grow indoors.

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Herb Garden

Growing an indoor herb garden is very easy to do and can provide you with fresh herbs all year long, according to Boston Magazine. Some of the best herbs to grow are basil, mint, chives, and rosemary. You can purchase plants from a nursery or grow from seeds.  You can even grow green onions (chives) from ones you purchase in the grocery store. Just trim the onions so that around an inch of the white root is left and put in water. Change the water frequently.

Taking care of an indoor herb garden.

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Microgreens and Sprouts

Microgreens are like sprouts but the plants are left to grow longer. Microgreens include broccoli, beet, lettuce, and lentils.  It’s really easy to grow sprouts and microgreens, just fill a shallow container that is three-quarters full of soil, water, and sprinkle the seeds over the damp earth. Cover the pot with a lid or plastic bag to keep it moist. Just spritz the plants as they grow. Microgreens can be added to a salad or stircfry.

Woman cutting microgreens to use in a meal.

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