7 Positive Traits of Kind People

Kindness can be cultivated.


Empathetic people are kind.

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Kind people come in all ages, ethnicities, and nationalities. But the one thing they all share is that kindness comes naturally to them. Kind people don’t have to work at caring about others or being nice. This is just who they are.

Many do not even realize they are kind according to The Power of Positivity, because they are just being themselves. The traits that kind people exhibit are things that everyone can work on to make their lives more positive and fulfilling. Here are seven qualities that contribute to kindness.

Have a Positive Outlook 
Kind people look at the positive side of life. They speak positively and don’t say negative or hurtful things to other people or about them. Really positive people do not take time complaining or gossiping. You can become more positive by spending time with other positive people.

Show Compassion 
Kind people are empathetic according to Inspirational Life. They genuinely care about people and helping those in need. Compassionate people are volunteers or choose callings like nursing or teaching as their professions. Empathetic people make the best friends because they will always be there for you. You can become more compassionate by spending time volunteering with kind-hearted people.

Practice Generosity
While you don’t have to give all your possessions away, kind people are willingly generous with their time and money, states Life Hack. You can become more generous by donating no-longer needed items to others, by putting your change into a charity or collection box at  a neighborhood store, or by giving some home-cooked food to a neighbor in need.

Be Thoughtful and Helpful
Kind people like to make things better by doing good deeds. That’s why they will be the first to offer to help you move, water your plants when you are away, or give you a lift when your car is broken. These people are also thoughtful and put others first. They will bring you soup when you are sick and flowers when you are sad. You can cultivate kindness by putting others needs before your own.

Forgive Easily
Forgiving easily, according to The Power of Positivity, is something that is common in kind people. And they may not even get angry at things that will drive others up a wall. Rather than argue, kind people will walk away from a fight. That’s because besides being forgiving, they also have a lot of patience. You can become kinder by not holding a grudge and by allowing yourself to let hurt and anger go.

Practice Honesty
Kind people are honest, but not brutally honest, because they are not mean spirited. You can take them for their word and they will never be passive-aggressive; plus they will call out people (politely) if they are. People who are kind have a lot of integrity and are willing to trust others too. You can become kinder by making an effort to not hide behind untruths even when telling a lie is more convenient than telling the truth.

Accept All
People who are kind are open to meeting new people and accepting them for who they are. They embrace everyone’s differences. Kind people don’t look for shortcomings, only opportunities. That is why they will learn sign language to speak to a hearing-impaired friend or will try the ethnic food of their neighbors. You too, can see differences in people as opportunities to learn something new.

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