7 Surprising Uses for Garlic You May Not Know About

Keep some garlic cloves on hand for these useful household hacks.


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Garlic cloves.

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Garlic is a delicious herb that goes with almost any type of food. Just one clove is full of nutrition and health benefits. In fact, garlic has been used since ancient days for healing since it contains so many medicinal benefits.

But did you know that garlic has some surprising uses besides eating it? Here are seven unusual uses that range from cleaning to pest control and even more.

Repels pesky mosquitos
Are the pesky bugs biting you? Then you may want to try garlic as a mosquito repellent, according to the Expert Home Tips blog. It’s really simple to do. Just take an unpeeled garlic clove and rub it on your skin. This will repel  mosquitos because they hate the smell of garlic but it also might keep your friends and family away too.

Garlic glue to the rescue
If you have to mend a broken glass or paper object and you are running low on glue, try this fast garlic fix. Garlic has been used as a glue for hundreds of years according to Mashed. Traces of garlic glue have been found on artworks dating to the 13 th century.  Garlic glue works best on delicate items and it is easy to make. Just follow the recipe on Mashed.

DIY kitchen cleaner

You can actually clean and disinfect your kitchen surfaces according to Five Star Furnishing Care. It’s super easy to DIY using this recipe. All you need is garlic, white  vinegar and chopped garlic cloves, Combine and put in a spray bottle. The lemon oil will tone done the garlic smell.

Natural garden pesticide

Gardens are still producing and pesky creepy crawlers are still destroying the fruits of your labor. But a natural way to control whiteflies, aphids and more is with this garlic pesticide from Eco Salon. All you need are garlic cloves, mineral oil, liquid dish soap, and a spray bottle.

Smelly fish bait

People love the taste of garlic and so do fish. Fishermen swear by garlic bait to catch catfish, bass, and trout. You can make your own bait with a mixture of crackers and cat food with a coating of fresh ground garlic or garlic powder.

Helps treat athlete’s Foot

One nonedible health benefit of garlic is as a treatment for athlete’s foot, according to Expert Home Tips. That’s because garlic has anti-fungal properties. Just mix some olive oil and minced garlic together and use a cotton ball to apply to your feet. Keep using it for a bit after the symptoms go away to make sure the fungus is completely gone.

Splinter remover
Do you hate getting splinters? Here’s an easy, noninvasive way to remove those pesky splinters. Just slice a garlic glove in half and tape it to the area where the splinter is. The garlic will draw it out and help to kill any bacteria in the area too. Who knew garlic could be so helpful?

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