7 Unusual Ways to Use Rosemary

It’s not just for cooking!

Fresh rosemary has many benefits.

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Rosemary has a wonderful woody scent and adds flavor to a variety of dishes. But this Mediterranean herb is not just for cooking.  There are many ways to use the smell of rosemary from scenting your bath to keeping mosquitos away from your patio. Check out these  seven unusual ways to use rosemary and add some spice to your life.

DIY Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary can be infused into an essential oil that you make yourself. You can use rosemary oil to scent your home or bath or to even add to homemade natural cleaners. There is an easy-to-follow recipe from Viva. All you need is a sterilized bottle or jar, fresh rosemary, and olive oil.

Rosemary essential oil.

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Natural Deodorant

Why use harsh chemical underarm protection when you can go natural? Check out this recipe from Delicious Obsessions for a homemade natural rosemary deodorant that is made from rosemary oil, lemongrass, and coconut oil. This DIY deodorant will keep you fresh this summer.

DIY rosemary natural deoderant.

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DIY Mouthwash

Rosemary also has medicinal benefits and its antimicrobial properties may help to kill off the bacteria that is responsible or tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath according to Return to Now. Make your own breath freshening mouthwash by boiling or steeping four rosemary sprigs and four whole cloves in two cups of water.

DIY mouthwash for good oral hygiene.

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Helps to Control Pests

Rosemary is an excellent mosquito repellent. This evergreen shrub can grow to around 4 feet tall and can be planted around your patio for bug free relaxation. You can make your own natural repellent by boiling a cup of dried rosemary into a quart or liter of water for 20 minutes. Then strain and pour into a spray bottle.

Plant rosemary near your patio to control mosquitos.

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Rosemary Potpourri

DIY potpourri in this stovetop fresh lemon, vanilla, and rosemary recipe from Home Cooking Memories. This natural air freshener will keep your whole home smelling fresh and inviting. You can also leave sprigs of rosemary around your home to freshen the air.

Cook lemons and rosemary to freshen the air.

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All Purpose Cleaner

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties make rosemary an ideal cleaner according to Return to Now. Just add a few sprigs of the herb with lemon peel to white vinegar and water to make an economical and safe household cleaner.

DIY household cleaner.

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Holiday Wreath

Decorate your home for the holidays by creating a rosemary wreath according to the blog Real House Moms. All you need are fresh rosemary, floral wire, and ribbons or decorations.

Decorative rosemary wreath.

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