7 Useful Things to Make From Bubble Wrap

Every day can be Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Happy couple having fun with bubble wrap.

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Bubble wrap is the perfect way to release your inner child. But besides popping it, there are  many ways to reuse this transparent packing material. It is so popular that the last Monday of January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, according to House Beautiful. Check out these seven useful things you can make with bubble wrap.

Keeps Food cold 
Wrap your perishables in bubble wrap for a trip back from the supermarket to keep the food from thawing. It will even keep ice cream firm. You can keep food cold when you are going on a picnic or a road trip too. This hack also works to keep hot foods warm. 

Insulate windows
If you live in a cold climate you know that windows can lose a lot of heat. You can reduce this heat loss and stay warm by insulating your windows with bubble wrap just by taping a sheet onto your windows. If you have a greenhouse, bubble wrap can also be used on the glass to keep in the heat.

Stop car frost
Bubble wrap can help keep your windshield free of ice on crisp mornings. Just leave a sheet of bubble wrap tucked under your windshield wipers overnight and you will not have to scrape ice in the morning. Just remove the bubble wrap and you are ready to go. 

Prevent pain in long car rides
Your car seat can get very uncomfortable during long car rides. You can make it much more comfortable by covering your car seat and back with bubble wrap. Make sure the bubbles are facing out, according to Readers Digest. The bubble wrap will help support you and make the ride a lot more comfortable when you take your next road trip.

Use for arts & craft projects
There is a myriad of ways to use bubble wrap in art or craft projects. The blog Artsy Craftsy Mom  bubble wrap painting that can be used as personalized gift wrap, making a DIY bubble wrap, travel game,  stomp painting, and more fun things to make with your kids. Just use your imagination!

Insulate your plants
Before the first frost, you can insulate your plants with bubble wrap to keep them producing into the winter. Just lightly wrap the plants and secure them with duct tape, according to Recycle Nation, an environmental technology tool in the US. You can also wrap or cover outdoor potted plants on cold nights

Protect your knees
While you are gardening, you can protect your knees by making bubble wrap patches suggested House Beautiful. Bubble wrap patches can also be utilized to make useful cushions for your hands to help you carry bundles as well as to cushion the grips and tops of crutches to make getting around more comfortable.

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