7 Ways You Can Help Others This Thanksgiving

Show gratitude for what you have by helping people this holiday.

Family sharing a Thanksgiving meal.

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While giving back to others is important all year round, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for people to step up and lend a hand. There is a myriad of ways to do so but since so many people want to volunteer at soup kitchens or delivering meals, its best to sign up early, stressed Pop Sugar.

Volunteering on Thanksgiving isn’t just about helping others, it can help you be more grateful for what you have and help you feel better too. That’s because volunteering has been proven to reduce stress, and decrease anxiety too. It can give you a sense of purpose and happier at the same time. Here are seven ways you can volunteer on Thanksgiving while still having a festive meal with friends and family.

Visit people in nursing homes

There is nothing better than helping someone that is lonely connect to others. So spend a few hours visiting a nursing home, senior living center, or even a homeless center.  Bring some holiday cheer by reading to the residents, play music, bringing holiday treats or hand-made greeting cards. This is an activity you can do with the entire family.

Spending time with a nursing home resident will brighten her day.

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Donate your free turkey

Many US supermarkets like Foodtown, Giant,  Shoprite, and BJ’s, have promotions for free turkeys with qualifying purchases around this time a year, reported Money. Some companies also give employees free turkeys. If you are not hosting a Thanksgiving meal or if you have no need for a free turkey, consider donating it before the holiday to a food bank or soup kitchen.

Frozen turkeys can be donated to a food bank.

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Deliver a Thanksgiving meal on wheels

This organization delivers healthy meals to seniors who are at risk for food insecurity, according to Delish. You can volunteer during the holiday when more help is needed. It is a way to share food and social connections to elderly people in need.

Delivering a meals on wheels Thanksgiving dinner.

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Go grocery shopping for a neighbor

Help neighbors who may not be able to get out and shop before the holiday. While you are in the supermarket, purchase some canned goods to donate to a Thanksgiving food drive or to bring to a local food bank.

Help elderly neighbors by grocery shopping for them.

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Adopt a family in need

Organizations like the Salvation Army and United Way offer a way to sponsor or adopt a family in need for the holiday season, according to the Horizon Goodwill organization. You will receive information about what the family needs and you can provide these items by shopping Black Friday deals. Buying items at Goodwill is a way to reuse gently-used clothing and toys

help a family in need.

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Volunteer in a soup kitchen

Serving a Thanksgiving dinner to less fortunate people is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Just be sure to sign up early. Or bring food to people who are homeless These are great volunteer projects to bring teenagers to. People who volunteer young will continue to do so as adults.

Cook or serve at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.

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Crowdfund for a cause

Get a head start on Giving Tuesday. Crowdfunding is a great way to help others by collecting donations from your favorite charities and causes, according to the senior organization AARP. There are many online platforms to choose from such as Rally or Kickstarter. Make sure you get the word out early, set a realistic fundraising goal, and monitor your site frequently.

Crowdfund for a good cause.

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