Iconic Thrift Store Launches Online

Buying pre-loved just got easier.

Looking at pre-owned clothing in a thrift store.

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You can find a vintage dress, a cast iron skillet, or a funky lamp at a thrift shop.These pre-loved retailers are gaining in popularity as a more sustainable way to shop.

Now, thrifting just became much easier. That’s because Goodwill, the 120-year-old nonprofit that funds community-based programs, has recently launched GoodwillFinds, an online thrift store with around 100,000 items, reported UPI.

The new online shop will not replace Goodwill International, Inc’s 3,300 brick and mortar stores in the US and Canada but will supplement them with shoppers who are accustomed to purchasing online. While some stores have been selling via eBay or Amazon, Goodwillfinds is taking it to a new level.

“Our new social enterprise makes it easier for the conscious consumer to shop sustainably online, while heightening the thrifting experience they've come to love at Goodwill,”  Matthew Kaness, chief executive officer of GoodwillFinds told AP News.

About GoodwillFinds
The new site has search tools to browse by categories that include clothing, jewelry, books, home goods, toys, and much more, according to UPI. There are even sections by brand so if you want Nike sneakers, or Levi jeans, you do not have to search broader categories. The site will be able to personalize recommendations based on past purchases for repeat users.

The shipping options and fees will vary depending on the item and where it is being shipped to. Purchases will either be shipped from the stores or from mini warehouses.

At this time, donations can only be accepted at Goodwill store locations. The donations will be sorted at each store and will be designated for online if applicable.

The goal, according to Kaness, is to have 1 million items on the site. The Goodwillfinds vision came from a group of Goodwill members from around the country that wanted the organization to reach its full potential, reported AP News.

Daryl Campbell, the CEO of Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington told AP that he expects the revenue from the areas 24 stores to double due to the online approach.

The growth of online thrifting
One of the mainstays of thrifting has been pre-owned clothing. In fact, the used clothing  industry is forecasted to increase 16 times faster than new according to a report the research firm GlobalData produced for Thredup.

Based in San Francisco, California, Thredup,  is the worlds largest secondhand store with thousands of brands name clothing available on its website that sells for up to 90 percent off the original retail price.

During the pandemic lock-down, online thrifting became very popular. Now, with inflation going up, people will be looking for ways to save on purchases, so buying second-hand will be even more attractive.

“Watching the rise of these second-hand marketplaces and the success they've been having with customers moving online has served as a major impetus,” Kaness told UPI.

“I feel this is a revolution that's happening in retail right now where second-hand has finally crossed over and is seen as a force for good and not just a good deal – and we're the sleeping giant that has woken up and is taking our rightful place.”

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