7 Wellness Habits from Around the World

Global inspiration for any wellness routine.

Healthy exercise riding bicycles in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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If you need new healthy habits to jumpstart your wellness routine, turn to global inspiration. Different cultures have their own healthy habits, passed down through the generations, that can help you feel your best. From relaxing in a sauna to strolling in the evening, try out these inspiring and healthy wellness habits from around the world.

India - Drink Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

Ayurveda is an ancient traditional medicine from India, with many wonderful wellness habits to inspire your daily routine. Here’s an easy one to adopt: start your day with a warm cup of lemon water. According to Chopra, this Ayurvedic treatment helps detoxify and rehydrate the body after a night of sleep. Plus, you’ll get a dose of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system.

Drink healing hot lemon water for wellness.

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Spain - Take a Midday Nap

Spain has a longstanding tradition of taking siesta or midday nap after lunch. According to Sleep.org, a short midday nap between 10 to 30 minutes can help you feel refreshed and boost energy levels. It may also improve your ability to learn and think clearly as well as boost heart health.

Taking a siesta is a healthy habit.

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Finland - Relax in a Sauna

The only word in the Finnish language to make it into English, a sauna is a bathing ritual practiced across Finland for thousands of years. The BBC reports that Finland has 3.3 million saunas, found in homes, offices, sports arenas, hotels, ships, and even below the ground in mines. According to Medical News Today, relaxing in the dry heat of a sauna may provide similar cardiovascular benefits to exercise.

Relax in a Finnish sauna.

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Japan - Take Off Your Shoes Indoors

The Japanese traditionally take their shoes off whenever they go inside. This healthy habit from Japan makes a lot of sense! After all, your shoes carry all sorts of unwanted bacteria from the dirty streets. Simply taking off your shoes helps maintain a healthy, clean home environment.  

Keep your home cleaner and healthier by removing your shoes

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Denmark - Dive Into Cold Water

Visit Denmark and you might be shocked to see locals taking a dive into icy harbors. According to the BBC, many Scandivanians swear by cold-water swimming as a way to “shock” you into happiness. But does it work? Gathering together for cold-water bathing fosters a sense of community. Plus, immersing yourself in cold water may boost your circulation and metabolism, suggests the Cleveland Clinic.

Winter outdoor bathing is good for you.

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Mexico - Spend Time With Your Family

Family plays a major part of Mexican culture, according to History. Take a note from Mexican culture and make sure to set aside time with your family, even if you have a busy schedule. You’ll feel more loved, connected, and supported when you build closer bonds with your loved ones.

Spending quality time with your family is good for your overall wellness.

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Italy - Go for an Evening Stroll

If you take a trip to Italy, you might spot people dressed in their finest strolling the streets between 5 pm to 8 pm. This tradition of la passeggiata is a time to gather and greet friends and neighbors, according to Salt and Wind. Follow this healthy habit, to connect more with your community and enjoy a daily dose of exercise.

Going for an evening stroll in Marche, Italy.

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