7 Winter Vegetables That You Can Plant Right Now [LIST]

Just because the weather's getting chilly doesn't mean you need to stop gardening – these winter vegetables love the cold. Time to get planting!

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Wholesome winter vegetables that you can plant right now

Time to get your green thumb on! (Pinkyone / Shutterstock.com)

While spring is traditionally the best time to plant, it certainly doesn't have to be the only time. There are a host of wholesome winter vegetables that you can easily get started in the fall – so you have fresh produce ready for yummy home-cooked soups and stews. Of course, weather varies from area to area, so speak to your local growing center for more information on the best time to plant (and if you find you've missed the deadline, these herbs and veggies can be grown indoors all year round!). These seven winter vegetables can all withstand a light frost and shorter hours of daylight - and they even thrive in cooler temperatures.  So get your green thumb on and start sowing!


Rich in vitamins and minerals, broccoli is a great choice for a home garden – especially in the colder months. Eat it raw with a dip, steam for all sorts of dishes, or freeze to have on hand year-round.
WINTER TIP: Cool weather actually helps the flowers to firm – make sure to let the plants mature for a week or two before harvesting.

Broccoli is a great winter vegetable

Harvesting broccoli (ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock.com)


Another leafy winter crop, cabbage is packed full of antioxidants and has a lovely crunch. Eat raw in salads, or sauté to retain nutrients while softening and bringing out its flavors.
WINTER TIP: Cabbages can live in the garden year round in most climates – just make sure to plant with plenty of room around each head.

Cabbage is a great winter vegetable

Heads of cabbage in the snow (Serrgey75 /Shutterstock.com)


While orange carrots are the traditional standard, you can grow all different colors and get excited when you harvest – there's white, yellow, crimson and even purple to choose from.
WINTER TIP: Another crop that actually prefers the cooler weather, carrots like moist soil – so make sure to water daily if it doesn’t rain.

Carrots are a great winter vegetable to grow

Freshly harvested carrots (Vitalii M / Shutterstock.com)


Milder and sweeter than its turnip-family cousins, Kohlrabi is great in salads, and can also be stir fried or pickled.
WINTER TIP: As long as it's not freezing Kohlrabi will be fine outside all through winter.

Kohlrabi is a great winter vegetable

Kohlrabi in the garden (padu_foto / Shutterstock.com)


Leeks are a versatile winter vegetable – you can steam them or braise them, and throw them into all sorts of soups, sauces and stews. They need some loving care at the beginning though, so sow them in containers before transferring to their final position.
WINTER TIP: Leeks are happy in the cold, so you can leave them in the ground until you need them.

Just picked Leeks

Just picked Leeks from the garden (corners74 / Shutterstock.com)


Onions are an absolute must in warm, home-cooked meals. A biennial plant, onions can survive the winter and even last two years – though they do grow best in milder climates.
WINTER TIP: Onions aren't only good for your food – they're good for your garden too. This bulbous plant repels insects and deters pesky herbivores from getting into your winter vegetables.

Onions are a fantastic winter vegetable

Rows of onions ready to be harvested (John Williams RUS / Shutterstock.com)


Another leafy green vegetable, spinach is best planted in early fall or spring, in moist soil. Chop it up raw in salad, or cook it into pasta sauces and stews.
WINTER TIP: You can extend the autumn season and buy yourself a few extra weeks by building a simple tent cover over your spinach – well worth the effort for fresh, crisp veggies.

Spinach is a great winter vegetable for the garden

Leafy spinach ready for harvest (Rainbow_dazzle / Shutterstock.com)

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