The Garden Fit for Outer Space

The Green Wheel is a rotary garden


The Green Wheel prototype (Image from DesignLibero website)

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, but the Green Wheel is one garden that could potentially endure outer space. The concept for the rotary hydroponic system was originally intended to provide astronauts with fresh veggies and herbs while aboard the spaceship. While NASA did not end up producing the rotating garden, the Milan based design company DesignLibero has taken the space-friendly model back to earth.
Green Wheel lets you grow plants indoors using controlled lighting and an automatic plant irrigation system. The circular rotation is ideal for evenly watering and lighting plants, going in a circle once per hour, similar to a ferris wheel. The Green Wheel is also a space saver; it boasts a large plant growing area, yet it’s portable, compact and fit for indoor use. [Source: Green Wheel]

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