Looking to Live a More Sustainable Life?

Eartheasy: guides and products for a green life

Tree seedlings.

(Piyaphong25 / shutterstock.com)

Eartheasy is a family run business that is all about making sustainable living straightforward and accessible to others. The website hosts extensive guides to enhance everyday green living practices, in addition to selling green products for the home and garden.
Greg Seaman, the founder of Eartheasy, has made sustainable living a part of his daily routine for the past 30 years, and created Eartheasy as a platform to share the benefits of going green.
The company practices what it preaches and is recognized as a business that aims to do good for the environment - evidenced by Eartheasy’s collaboration with respected organizations such as EPA WaterSense, TerraPass and Green America. Beyond that, for each order placed, Eartheasy plants a tree with Trees for the Future. [Source: Eartheasy]

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