The Underwear that’s Changing the World

PACT: clothing that gives back


Image: screenshot of PACT

Can underwear change the world? It can if you are the sustainable clothing company PACT; they use cotton undergarments as a channel to fund and promote good doing causes. The social enterprise, in addition to being environmentally conscious, produces organic clothing like underwear, socks and T-shirts in sweat-shop free facilities.
Committed to supporting social causes, PACT designs a new clothing collection each season inspired by one of their awesome changemakers– folks who are out there making a positive change. Some supported causes have included a jacket/sleeping bag designed for the homelessrebuilding efforts  post tsunami for Japanese fisherman and clean water initiatives. All of their colorful apparel can be purchased on their website, and besides being fun to don; it’s cool to know that your underwear has the power to do good. [Source: PACT]

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