Group Funding for an Active Social Life

Pool Funds, Get it Done, Have Fun


Picnic in the park.

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If you've ever tried to organize a surprise party for the office secretary or coordinate a fun picnic with friends - you know how annoying and complex the task can turn into. Approaching your friends, finalizing details, collecting the money and getting it done is complex, time consuming and usually involves too much media: emails go back and forth, excel spreadsheets get updated time and again, and someone always forgets to pay on time. 
Enter Crowdtilt, a digital platform for group funding.
On Crowdtilt you can start a campaign, connect with your group, and pool funds to get things done. Like other crowdfunding platforms, backers are charged only if the requested amount - 'tilt amount' in Crowdtilt lingo - is reached.
Crowdtilt commissions 2.5% of the campaign fund - only if it's successful.
The platform is geared towards close groups or nonprofits seeking to fundraise for a particular goal. However, business entrepreneurs are encouraged to generate investments via other crowdfunding platforms better suitable for the purpose, suck as Kickstarter.
So, how about that surprise party for the secretary? [Source: Crowdtilt]

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