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VCP: media as a means for advocacy


Traditional dance.

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We are not poor or primitive. We do not need money or possessions. What we need is respect: respect for our culture, and respect for our land rights.” This powerful quote comes from Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, a member of an indigenous tribe in Brazil that is on the verge of being displaced by a government built dam that will cut off  his tribe’s water supply.  
This point of view might not be heard if not for Vanishing Cultures Project (VCP), a nonprofit working to advocate for the rights of indigenous people worldwide by safeguarding their culture, traditions and practices. VCP does this through documentary journalism- archiving lifestyles and traditions, educating the general public, advocating for indigenous rights and raising money for indigenous cultural initiatives.
Currently there are 5000 distinct indigenous peoples living across 6 continents in more than 90 countries. These people have rich stories, traditions, languages and history, and VCP is intent on archiving this valuable information for generations to come. By partnering directly with indigenous groups, VCP creates books and media that give them a voice by sharing their stories with the world.
[Source: Vanishing Cultures Project (VCP)]

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