8 Tasty Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

Get yourself a happy meal


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There’s actually a reason some of the dishes/foods we eat make us feel lighter and more upbeat. Food doesn’t just play a crucial role in our physical health. The nutrients we put into our body also impacts our emotional wellbeing. Research shows that certain foods may alter our brain chemistry and boost our mood, making us happier. So which items should you reach for when you’re looking for something that will taste great and make you feel good? Read on for the most beneficial options!


Salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids support brain activity, circulation, and energy production. Studies have shown that people who eat a diet rich in omega-3s have a lower risk of depression and a tendency to maintain a positive outlook. One serving of the fish also contains B-12, which helps the brain produce mood boosting chemicals.

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The superfood helps you keep energy levels high. The serving of potassium, phosphorus, and copper fuels your body, while the vitamin K prevents heart disease. Next time you’re feeling sluggish, make yourself a kale salad. The vitamin C helps the body maintain and form strong bones.

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This is one food we’re happy to reach for when we’re feeling a little bit down, and it may actually make us happier. Raw cocoa can protect us from depression and deliver antioxidants that lift our spirits and put us in a better mood. To boost your mood, stick to varieties that are 70% or higher.

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Greek yogurt is one multitasking dairy product. The probiotics may help fight against depression, increase pleasure-boosting neurotransmitters, and keep you full and satisfied until your next meal. Treat yourself to a fruit parfait with a drizzle of honey to reap the benefits.

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When stress strikes, coconut can help slow the heart rate, improve alertness, and calm us down. The fruit will also ward off sluggishness and turn medium chain triglycerides (a type of fat), into energy pretty quickly. Simply sniffing a coconut fragrance can also make you feel more upbeat and calm.

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No, carbs won’t necessarily make you gain weight. They can, however, lift your spirits. A study by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people who followed a low carbohydrate diet (20-40 grams per day) had fewer levels of serotonin, a chemical that wards off anxiety and depression.

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Fruit can help lower the risk of depression thanks to the minerals, vitamins, micronutrients that can boost your mood and satisfy your sweet tooth. Stick to a diet that includes a variety of fruits, and aim for about 1 ½- 2 cups per day.

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Aside from taste, Oyster lovers have even more reasons to enjoy this food more often. Oysters have high levels of zinc, a vitamin that can improve your mood. Not into the bivalves? You can also get your daily zinc from beef, chickpeas, and beans.

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