Food Nutrition Labels Are About to Get a Whole Lot Better

The skinny on improving food labels


Reading a nutrition label on food packaging with fresh salad background

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Embracing healthier habits isn’t a trend anymore, but a growing movement, and the lifestyle change is about to become even easier to implement!.While food labels are meant to help shoppers get a sense of what they’re putting into their bodies, the information and system as a whole is outdated and confusing...until now.

Earlier this fall, the FDA decided to update their nutrition facts label on all packaged food items, and even the labels themselves are getting a fresh makeover. One welcome change? The % Daily Value footnote will describe how many vitamins and nutrients are in a serving of food and how it will factor into shopper’s daily diet.

The FDA will complete the changes by July 2018, and they’ll include helpful information such as the amounts of fat, fiber, sugar, protein, and sodium consumers receive from each serving, an added sugars section, and realistic serving sizes. The changes are a welcome first step towards creating more awareness about the foods we eat and ensuring customers receive the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Another bonus? Including added sugars is another way to raise awareness about chronic diseases, and differentiating between added sugars and carbohydrates will allow customers to keep sugar levels in check.

Through their initiative, the FDA is making great improvements towards helping customers achieve a healthy balanced diet, a significant step for maintaining good health.

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