From Garbage to Beauty

Origin Recycled Goods: upcycled products

Plastic bottles

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Discarded bike tires, seat belts, shipping pallets, plastic bottles and old newspapers are the bread and butter of Origin Recycled Goods. The good doing company creates beautiful products from watches and wallets to belts and canvasses from cast off items, otherwise known as upcycling.
An eco-friendly business inside and out, Origin Recycled Goods use exclusively bike transportation, and all of their products are packaged in handmade and sustainable wrapping that can be composted. Origin Recycled Goods see the potential in items that others may view as trash, and are always on the lookout for awesome new materials. If you are in the Sacramento area and have some discarded bike tires, couches or wood, give them a holler. [Source: Origin Recycled Goods]

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