Rebuilding Myanmar, One Farm at a Time

Proximity Designs is changing lives

Feb 20, 2013

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has undergone a major resurgence in the past couple of years. Slowly coming out of decades of restrictive military rule and world isolation, Myanmar now has the potential to provide its citizens with a better way of life. One of the businesses leading this movement is Proximity Designs, a social enterprise that designs and delivers affordable products and services that meet the needs of rural families.
Founded in 2004 by Jim Taylor and Debbie Aung Din Taylor, Proximity Designs’ philosophy is focused on human centered design- communicating directly with customers to make products that work for them. Many of Myanmar's farmers still haul water from the well to the field in heavy sprinkling cans, amounting to back breaking and time consuming work. Proximity Designs has created affordable irrigation products to maximize the farmer’s output both in labor and in crops. This is just one example of what the good doing company offers, but they also have services ranging from financial and farm advisory to infrastructure and rural energy. [Source: Proximity Designs]

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