9 Eco-Friendly Celebrities Who Love Mother Earth

From environmental charities and eco-friendly brands to green activism and natural living, get some good gossip about your favorite stars.

Eco-friendly celebrities

Eco-friendly celebrities 

Chances are, you recognize all the faces on this list - but how much do you know about their environmental efforts? From charities and eco-friendly brands to green activism and natural living, these nine eco-friendly celebrities want to make the world a better place - and use their fame to make it happen.


Singer Jack Johnson is all about ocean conservation. So much so that on his last two tours, he donated 100 percent of his profits to environmental charities. Before that, he used the profits from his 2008 tour to start the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, which works to promote positive and lasting change in the environment, arts, and music education.
EXTRA GREEN: The singer’s fifth album “To the Sea” was recorded and produced in solar powered studios, and he uses only biodiesel buses while on tour.

Jack Johnson

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Having grown up in a makeup chair, as she puts it, actress Drew Barrymore has a thing or two to say about cosmetics. That’s why in 2013 she launched Flower Beauty, her eco-friendly makeup line. The products use botanical-infused ingredients, making them as green as can be.
EXTRA GREEN: Flower Beauty never tests on animals, and all products are manufactured in the US to save on the environmental effects of transport and shipping.

Drew Barrymore

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It was the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in 1989 that inspired Kevin Costner to get eco-active. To that end, he became one of the main investors in a miraculous machine that cleans up oil spills. Built by Blue Planet Water Solutions, the centrifuge separates dense water from lighter oil, and returns water to the ocean.
EXTRA GREEN: Multinational BP has now backed the device, which is currently in the testing phase.  

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When actress Anne Hathaway married Adam Shulman in 2012, she wanted a green affair. The couple was wed in the beautiful, natural area of Big Sur, California, and served a vegan menu made from local and sustainable foods.
EXTRA GREEN: To continue the good doing, Hathaway split the money raised from selling her wedding photos between four organizations close to her heart - Freedom to Marry, which campaigns for gay couples to have the right to wed, the American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and The Girl Effect, a non-profit which helps impoverished young women.

Anne Hathaway

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Leonardo di Caprio might just be the greenest celebrity of them all. For starters, the Leonardo di Caprio Foundation has been campaigning for the health of our oceans, rainforests, Antarctica and access to clean water since 1998. He’s also actively involved in protecting endangered species - which is why he was named the UN Messenger of Peace on Climate Change in 2014.
EXTRA GREEN: For bonus points, his New York City apartment is rumored to be one of the most eco-efficient urban dwellings on the planet.

Leonardo di Caprio

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Spanish-American actress Penelope Cruz drives a hybrid car - and encourages other stars to do the same. A strong supporter of Global Green, Cruz launched the Red Carpet/Green Cars campaign that calls on celebrities to arrive at the Oscars in eco-friendly hybrids, electric sports cars and other green vehicles instead of fuel-guzzling stretch limos or plush SUVs.
EXTRA GREEN: Cruz is also an animal lover - she and her husband actor Javier Bardem have opened their home to a host of rescued dogs and cats, and she starred in a controversial PETA anti-fur advertisement.

Penelope Cruz

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Matt Damon is passionate about water - which is why he founded Water.org, a nonprofit which works to transform communities in the developing world by providing access to safe water and sanitation. The organization backs cutting-edge water technology projects, looking for new solutions to create lasting change.
EXTRA GREEN: The Hollywood star also hosted a PBS series of environmental documentaries called Journey to Planet Earth, which explores the current and projected state of the planet.

Matt Damon

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British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver wants to make the world a greener place - inside and out. Not only does he promote the use of natural, fresh ingredients, he encourages his fans to grow their own food - great for the environment and for general health.
EXTRA GREEN: The Cornwall branch of Fifteen, one of Oliver’s top restaurants, is powered by rooftop wind turbines - making it super eco-friendly and halving the electricity bill.  

Jamie Oliver

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Actress Jessica Alba founded the Honest Company when she became a mother and saw the need for natural and eco-friendly products for babies. Along with co-founder Christopher Gavigan, Alba sells a range of items for little ones and for the home - from sustainable diapers and organic baby powder to bubble bath and laundry detergent.
EXTRA GREEN: Alba also uses her eco-endeavour to provide parents with information on other eco-friendly products, healthy living strategies and tips to maintain a clean diet.

Jessica Alba

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