What's in the Bag? Education in Haiti

Esperos help you make an impact


A smiling girl.

(Lucian Coman / shutterstock.com)

A staggering 120 million children in the world lack access to education. Can you help them somehow? Yes, you can, with the help of bag brand Esperos.
It was a thought provoking trip in Central America that spurred Oliver Shuttlesworth to launch a social enterprise that would make a change. Esperos - which is derived from the word espero, which means hope in Spanish, aims to provide a sustainable solution and better prospects for children in the developing world.
The brand sells a collection of packs, totes and t-shirts, and for each bag purchased, 50% of the profits - which means somewhere between $14 to$22 - are donated for education. The donation is made effective by Fonkoze, a micro-fiance organization in Haiti that promotes the welfare of women and children in the area.
You can shop for Esperos products online or at a selection of stores listed here - and what you get is an easy way to create a meaningful impact. [Source: Esperos]

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